269 Going Against the Lord’s Will

    Feng Jiu laughed and said: "Medicine concoction and pill refining are from the same family, hence I don't think it will be that difficult learning it."

    "Hahaha, with my dear brother's gift and capabilities, I believe that you will definitely become an outstanding Pill Refiner. Rest assured, leave the matter about the manuals to me." Chief Ke said as he thumped himself on his chest. He then made the two guards put the gifts down at the side, to let Feng Jiu keep them properly.

    Chief Ke then continued to say: "After we got back in the evening yesterday, quite a number of people wanted to come pay a visit to my dear brother you, but I pushed them all back. I believe the matter about my dear brother taking on the Liu Family singlehandedly would spread very soon and that would definitely add a lot more colour to my dear brother's fame as the Ghost Doctor."

    He looked admiringly at the flamboyant red clothed Feng Jiu before him, his eyes filled with nothing but respect. "I had not thought that my dear brother is not only outstanding in concocting medicines, you are also highly formidable in your cultivation. Moreover, your looks can be matched only by a rare few, you are truly been well blessed by the Heavens!"

    Hearing the series of praises heaped upon her, Feng Jiu's face filled up with smiles as she said: "Brother Ke, if anyone seeks to pay me a visit, can you help me tell them that I do not wish to see anyone during this period. I will have to trouble you for that." She clasped her hand over her fist in greeting, and kept away the gifts before she left.

    Coming back to her courtyard, she was in high spirits as she brought out the luxurious airship to show to Leng Shuang. "Look, this is a magical flying artifact. In future, we'll be able to return back on our own! This tiny little ship can actually contain more than a hundred people. I just saw it. Everything is inside there! It's definitely something good to have prepared when going to faraway places!"

    "Mistress intends to go back already?"

    Leng Shuang came to the side of the table, to look at the tiny airship before she asked.

    "No hurry for that yet. I still have something I need to do here. Right, help me get a map of the Green Gallop Country." As she spoke, she glanced into the yard to see the little thing sitting right before the door to look at her, and she could not help but smile.

    "Ball Ball, come here." She called out as she hooked up her finger.

    Meanwhile Leng Shuang acknowledged her orders and went out to look for a map of the Green Gallop Country.

    The fluffy white furry little thing sat there staring at her and hesitated for a moment before it slowly came walking over, to come beside her feet.

    "Good doggie."

    Feng Jiu carried it up, her face in smiles as she put it down on the table and ruffled its fur to say: "You don't really look like a little puppy, but more like a little pet Spirit Beast."


    Ball Ball moved its mouth slightly to let out a wail, and then glanced at her before plopping itself down on the table, not bothering with Feng Jiu anymore.

    "Little one, being haughty are you?"

    She gave a light laugh, and flicked her finger gently on its head. She suddenly could not help but think, that for the Hell's Lord to give her this little thing as a present, and he did not pursue the matter about her stealing the Thousand Year Ginseng, would that mean that there was something she needed to do for him?

    Thinking about the fact that the Hell's Lord and Uncle were one and the same, she could not help but sigh. [That should have been obvious! How could there be so many people in the world afflicted with the Thousand Year Frost Poison? She had guessed that the two people were linked in some way but had not thought that they were actually the same person.]

    Meanwhile on the other side, in a certain courtyard.

    Watching their Lord having his breakfast, Grey Wolf and Shadow One standing on the side glanced at each other and discreetly shifted their footsteps towards the outside. When they got outside, Shadow One suppressed his voice and asked: "What would you say is the situation for our Lord? He went to seek out the Ghost Doctor last night, so why is his face still dark as thunder? Could the Ghost Doctor have snubbed him?"

    Grey Wolf cast a quick glance inside and his voice was a whisper as he said "I am guessing the gift wasn't right. Look, although the Ghost Doctor is a young youth, but he is still male you know! ? And the Lord goes and gives him a little pet, isn't there something wrong with the Lord's mind?"
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