491 Outstanding family background

    "Your mother's name is Shangguan Wan Rong. I met her when I went on a journey. At that time, I took the task as a mercenary and met her when she was collecting medicines. The people who accompanied her were killed and she herself was seriously injured. I took her into hiding to escape the assassins. Do you know? Your mother is an alchemist, a highly gifted alchemist..."

    Feng Jiu listened quietly to her father's detailed talk about meeting and falling in love with her mother's and also about their suffering at that time. She heard how her mother was pregnant with her and was caught by her family on their way back to Sun Glory Country.

    "Stopped by Mother's family? What happened then?" Her attention perked up. She listened to his father's story as if she could see the thrilling scene at that time.

    The eldest miss of an aristocratic family ran away from home, was pregnant with a child without permission from her elder and was being chased by her father. The consequences were unthinkable.

    "Her father wanted to kill me and you who were yet to be born. She threatened them with her death, saying that if I and her child meet any mishaps, she would not continue living. Later, her father took a step back and let her give birth. I was allowed the bring the baby but to never to see her again. She was brought home by force. I can't remember it because her father sealed my memory. He sealed up all the memories about her, and this combination of factors opened the floodgates of my memories."

    "Although I can't remember your mother or anything about her these years, I always know that there is a person in my heart who should not be forgotten yet the memories of her slipped my mind. If it weren't for that time that the seal was broken by mistake, I wonder if she would always be lost to me and can never be remembered again."

    His voice shook slightly while telling her this. When he thought that he might have not remembered who his beloved was or anything about her to his death, his heart couldn't stop throbbing.

    Feng Jiu's eyes probed deeply. She asked, "Father, you haven't told yet. Which country did Mother come from?"

    "She is the Shangguan family's eldest miss from the Kingdom of Heaven, a first-grade country in the Eastern region."

    Feng Xiao looked at her with a solemn look and told her pensively, "Little Jiu, Father knows you are an outstanding girl, but a first-grade powerful country is unapproachable for a small ninth-grade country like ours. There are so many powerful men there. Even a small clan in a first-grade country can't be beaten using our current ability. You know, there are thousands of ninth-grade countries here in the Eastern Region. However, there are only ten such first-grade countries in the whole Eastern Region. Their strength amount to a hundred times of sixth-grade countries such as the Green Gallop Country.

    "You have to promise Father and hide it away inside your heart. You know now that your mother is Shangguan Wan Rong, where she came from and that she's still alive. If her family knows that my seal has been broken and everything has been remembered, they will not hesitate to kill us. Since they won't allow people from a ninth-grade country like ours to tarnish the reputation of their influential and noble family. They won't allow people to know the relationship between their eldest miss and us."

    Listening to this, Feng Jiu's heart stirred. She looked at his worried expression and smiled. "Don't worry, Father. I understand."
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