272 Owe Each Other Nothing

    Feng Jiu kept the two items away and yawned as she made her way back into the room to rest while Leng Shuang sat in a half lotus position to cultivate in the yard. The little fluff ball then went on to lazily lie itself down upon the stone table in the yard.

    It was not known how long had passed when Feng Jiu who was soundly asleep opened her eyes all of a sudden and saw the black robed man where she then patted herself over her heart to exclaim with a gasp: "You almost scared me to death! Why are you here again?"

    Her tone of voice was not too friendly, as the way he had appeared in here without any warning made her feel rather insecure.

    Moreover, he held powers too deep to be fathomable where she did not even sense anything with his arrival into the room.

    It might be because he received the bottle of medicinal pills that she had specially developed for him where the Hell's Lord was in a great mood. Seeing the woman glaring at him as she patted herself on the chest while speaking in such an unfriendly tone, his brow lifted a little, and his voice sounded with a trace of an almost unnoticeable smile.

    "Are you all that timid?"

    Feng Jiu flipped herself over to come down from her bed and pulled her clothes together as she went walking to the outer room while asking: "What are you here for again?"

    Coming to the side of the table, she poured out a cup of water and drank when she suddenly seemed to recall something. She opened her door and gazed outside, to see Leng Shuang obviously immobilized from having her acupoint struck, unable to even say a word. Feng Jiu then sighed and went walking outside to help her free her acupoint.

    "Mistress, he....."

    "It's alright. If you see him in future, you do not need to stop him as you will not be able to stop him anyway. You do not need to remain here and you are dismissed!" Feng Jiu said with a wave of her hand, indicating for Leng Shuang to leave.

    "Yes, Mistress." Leng Shuang glanced once at the Hell's Lord before she turned around to leave.

    Seeing Feng Jiu sitting down in the yard, the Hell's Lord then opened his stride to come walking outside as well before sitting right opposite her and casting a glance her way. He then put on a lofty demeanor as he asked with a deep voice "This Lord had merely come to ask whether there is any food this Lord needs to avoid while taking the medicinal pills you have developed."

    "PFFT! !"

    Hearing those words, Feng Jiu had not even opened her mouth when Grey Wolf and Shadow One hiding in the trees could not help themselves but burst out with laughter. The moment the sound escaped out, they immediately thought it to be inappropriate and they clamped their mouths shut but the sound was already heard by the two people at the stone table in the courtyard.

    Feng Jiu looked askance at the Hell's Lord and then turned her gaze to the trees while saying: "You brought two little tails with you?"

    The Hell's Lord's face darkened at that moment and his deep and penetrating eyes gazed chillingly at the two men. "Aren't the two of you going to scram?"

    Seeing the situation, Grey Wolf and Shadow One immediately replied with a "Yes, my Lord" and then speedily left, not daring to remain behind to peek.

    "Cough cough!"

    The Hell's Lord cleared his throat lightly and then glanced at Feng Jiu before he went on to say: "And the other thing I came here for is that this Lord came here to thank you."

    When those words fell into her ears, Feng Jiu waved her hand and with her eyes smiling till they were two crescents, she said: "There's no need to thank me. I received repayment for it. Having cultivated those pills would also make us even and I do not owe you anything anymore."

    However, when he heard those words, the shade of the Hell's Lord face turned ugly and the expression on that face that had softened immediately turned tense and dark. He looked at Feng Jiu's face overflowing with smiles and he asked with his brows creased up: "Do you really hate to have any links to this Lord all that much?"

    Feng Jiu looked at the Hell's Lord in bewilderment. "Why should I have any links with you?"

    When those words fell into the Hell's Lord's ears, the Hell's Lord's lips stiffened and his deep eyes stared penetratingly at her. He had originally prepared a whole bellyful of words to say but seeing her reacting like this, he could not even say a word at all.

    With his lips stiffened, he sat there quietly for a while before he stood up under Feng Jiu's puzzled and confused gaze, as he left with a flick of his sleeves without saying a word.

    Seeing that, Feng Jiu cradled her chin and her eyes changed, with no one knowing what was going through her mind. The next moment, she similarly got up and went walking outside.
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