274 Quickly Return to the Ancient Capital

    The entire courtyard before his eyes stood clearly empty, with no sign of her inside and outside. He came to the bedroom and when he saw the neatly tucked bedclothes, his gaze darkened slightly as he turned around to go walk outside into the main hall.

    It was bright and early in the morning when Chief Ke heard that someone was looking for him. He then washed and dressed himself before he came to the hall.

    Once there, he saw a black robed man sitting straight backed upon the main seat in the house, his handsome features looking slightly dark as a power presence exuded from his body. An air of a conqueror was emanating out from his body most naturally and just one glance from the man made his heart tremble, and waver in fear and suspicion.

    [Who could this man be? Just the aura coming out from the man was enough to terrify him. The Six Path City would not be able to produce such an entity.]

    It could be due to the overly powerful and commanding presence of the man, where Chief Ke could not help but step forward to bow in greeting and ask: "May I ask who your esteemed self could be?"

    "Where's the Ghost Doctor?"

    Chief Ke paused a moment and said: "He left yesterday. He did not say where he was going. From what told me, it seemed like he intended to have a tour around."

    The moment those words came out, Chief Ke saw the face of the black robed man seated up upon the main seat turn darker, and the air within the entire hall seemed to sink, filled with an incredible rage, which made his entire body suddenly turn cold as he stood there in the hall, finding it rather difficult to breathe.

    He could not help but ask inwardly in his heart in terror. [Just who could this man really be?]

    However, before he even asked anything, a black shadow fleeted past right beside him, and the black robed man seated upon the main seat had disappeared, where the chilling and oppressive air that pervaded the entire hall started to revert to normal.....

    When the Hell's Lord came back to the manor, Grey Wolf and Shadow One who were in the courtyard immediately stepped up in greeting.

    "My Lord, the Ancient Capital sent an urgent message." Grey Wolf handed up a letter.

    After the Hell's Lord saw the seal on the letter, he reached his hand out and with a wave, a surge of spirit power passed over the letter. The seal disappeared and he pulled out the parchment within. There were only two words on it: Return speedily.

    Clenching his hand and then opening it up, spirit power aura that was visible to the eye swirled within his palm and the message turned into ash in the next moment. His lips stiffened and his deep eyes flashed with a dark glint as he ordered in a deep booming voice: "Finish up with the things here and we'll set off for the Ancient Capital!"

    "Yes, my Lord!" The two men answered, speedily making their way outside.

    On another side

    The sun was already slowly setting and the skies were gradually darkening. From evening yesterday, Feng Jiu and her group were leisurely traversing through a mountain path. Feng Jiu was riding upon Old White, while Leng Shuang rode upon another horse following beside her, while Little Ball that looked like a little puppy rode upon the back of Leng Shuang's horse.

    Because, Old White refused to carry it.

    "Mistress, there seems to be two houses just further up front. Why don't we go ask whether we can stay for the night there?" Leng Shuang asked Feng Jiu beside her as she looked at the dim lights just a little further up front.

    "Sure, we're not in a rush to go back anyway." Feng Jiu replied with a smile.

    When they left, they had taken the airship and they had only come down to ride their horses after flying for a distance. As their destination was to return home, they were not in a rush. Moreover, from here to the Sun Glory Country, it was only about half a day's journey and not too far away, hence, they were not rushing for time.

    "Old White, walk a little faster. Once we reach people's place up front, we can get you some food." Feng Jiu said with a smile as he patted Old White on the head. As if she suddenly thought of something, she then turned to glance a little strangely at Little Ball plopped upon the horse's back.

    When she was leaving, Feng Jiu had initially intended to leave Little Ball behind to return it to the Hell's Lord. Who would have known that the moment they stepped onto the airship, the little thing had acted as if it was terrified of being abandoned and run straight onto the airship, to hide itself into the deepest corner, refusing to come out no matter how they called out to it.

    So, in regards to Little Ball's identity, Feng Jiu had been a little suspicious, thinking that it might not be just a simple little puppy as it seemed to be.
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