277 Laughter Deep in the Nigh

    The moment her voice dropped, Feng Jiu turned to look at Leng Shuang and asked: "Where's Little Ball?"

    "On the horse's back outside. It just laid there and refused to get off."

    "Just leave it be then. It should be fine on its own. But you should not go running about at night." Feng Jiu told her, and saw the curtain move as the little boy came running out.

    "Big Brother, Mother said this is too expensive and Sunny cannot accept it." He then held up the luminous pearl in his hand to return it to Feng Jiu. Although that was what he was saying, but as the child had never seen such a thing before, his eyes were filled with reluctance to part with it.

    Feng Jiu smiled and said: "It's all right, you can keep it!" When her voice fell, she then saw the woman coming out as she carried several eggs dyed red in her hands.

    "There isn't much we can serve you in this house. Will our two guests have a red egg first?" The woman's voice was gentle as her gaze fell upon Sunny, her eyes doting, thickly filled with motherly love.

    "Big Brother, can Sunny really keep this bead?" He asked as he blinked his eyes at Feng Jiu, and then turning to look at his mother.

    "The luminous pearl is too precious a gift and the child doesn't even know what it is. The Young Master should keep it." The woman said softly, gesturing for Sunny to return the pearl back to Feng Jiu.

    "It's alright. It's just a toy for the child. Just keep it with you!" Feng Jiu said with a laugh, asking Sunny to accept it.

    Seeing that, the woman then leaned forward slightly towards Feng Jiu and bowed as she said: "In that case, let this humble woman express my gratitude on my son's behalf for the Young Master's gift."

    Seeing the woman's posture bowing before her, Feng Jiu's eyes glinted but she did not say anything and just smiled faintly.

    After awhile, the woman left only Sunny in front to accompany Feng Jiu while she turned to go to the back of the house.

    "Sunny, who stays in the house next door?" Feng Jiu asked as she turned to look at the little boy munching on an egg.

    "It's Grandfather and Grandmother. But Grandfather and Grandmother are not well and they seldom come out from the house."

    "Oh? Then what about your father? Is he at home too?"

    "A bad man came the last time and he wounded Father. Father is still recuperating in bed now!" The little boy exclaimed as he handed Feng Jiu an egg, before he said affably: "Big Brother! You have some too! Mother says that eating red eggs will let one grow up safe and healthy!"

    Hearing that, she smiled and accepted the egg. She peeled off the shell and then began to eat. After a while, the woman brought out a dish of meat and a dish of vegetables with two bowls of rice and said to Feng Jiu: "I don't have much else in the house. The vegetables are wild and the meat is wild rabbit caught in the woods. I hope the Young Master can make do and eat a little."

    After that, she brought Sunny out with her and left the front of the house to Feng Jiu and Leng Shuang alone

    Waiting till she had left, Feng Jiu then looked at the vegetable and meat dish with the two bowls of rice before she said to Leng Shuang: "Come sit down and eat! Although this family is a little strange, but I do not think they harbour any ill intentions against us."

    Hearing her Mistress say that, Leng Shuang acknowledged curtly and sat herself down by the table before she picked up the rice to eat.

    As the night grew deep, the surroundings seemed to become chillier. Even the chirping of the insects outside sounded exceptionally clear from the night's silence, so clear were the sounds that it felt a little strange.

    It was arranged for Feng Jiu and Leng Shuang to rest in the annex, a little house at the side. In this place so filled with many peculiarities everywhere, it was impossible for the two of them to rest properly. Hence, Leng Shuang took up watch, while Feng Jiu sat in a half lotus position as she closed her eyes in cultivation.

    The first half of the night was peaceful, and it was till the second half that the howling of the wind beat upon the door and windows in a rush, causing them to rattle and bang against the walls. The wind outside continued to howl, sounding a little terrifying.

    And it was at that moment that a loud and ear shattering laughter sounded from someplace unknown outside, reverberating in the night's air, like the sudden boom of thunder, that shocked Feng Jiu and Leng Shuang wide awake.
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