279 Plea

    Hearing the voices, there seemed to be another man's voice outside and the two ladies guessed that it should be Sunny's father.

    Thinking about that, Feng Jiu lowered her eyes, and it was not known what she was thinking about.

    Until, a knock accompanied by a soft call sounded at the door.

    "Young Master."

    Hearing the voice, Leng Shuang shifted herself warily a few steps forward, to stand guard before Feng Jiu.

    "What is it?" Feng Jiu said as she gestured for Leng Shuang to back away.

    "Will the Young Master open the door please, and allow this humble woman to come in to speak."

    Hearing that, she gestured for Leng Shuang to go open the door. Leng Shuang hesitated a moment before she went forward to pull the door open. When she saw the woman outside the door, the palms of her hands went cold.

    The woman wasn't human, but was a ghost! Thinking about that, she gulped and then stepped back a step.

    She was not afraid of humans, but as for ghosts.....

    Feng Jiu turned her eyes to look up, and saw the pale faced woman carrying the soundly sleeping Sunny as she walked in, to fall to her knees right before her.

    "Young Master."

    "What do you mean by doing this?" Feng Jiu asked as her eyebrow raised, looking at the woman's tear streaked face.

    "That old Taoist priest is back. He claims to want to exorcise us but in actual fact, he is aiming for our Little Sunny here. Our Little Sunny is born blessed with a Spirit Pearl but the Spirit Pearl cannot be extracted. The old priest then wanted to have Little Sunny refined into a human elixir and ingested to advance his cultivation. We are really left with no other choice but to come beg Young Master."

    She sobbed softly and continued to say: "I know that Young Master is no ordinary person and would have seen that we are spirits and not human. But though we are ghosts, we have never harmed any humans. We remained here only because of this child and our entire family of ninety nine is now left with just Sunny, a little child. Young Master, Young Master! I beg you! I beg for you to help us!"

    The woman wept softly, her words forthright, tinged with helplessness and despair. It made Feng Jiu's heart sink, as she wanted to keep her hands out of the matter, but was unable to ignore such a mournful plea. If she did not help, not just these few spirits, but even the child's life would meet with misfortune.

    Although her character was one of cold bloodedness and merciless, but such a young child was innocent. How could she bear to just keep her hands in her sleeves and ignore it?

    Her gaze then fell upon the soundly sleeping child. So it turns out that he was born with a Spirit Pearl in him. No wonder she had seen that the child was filled with abundant spirit power from the moment she stepped in. Though his face had been rather pallid and thin, but to be able to still stay alive while living with these few ghost spirits, it was now known that it had been due to the Spirit Pearl in him that protected him.

    After a slight pause, she looked at the woman and asked. "How do you want me to help you?"

    Hearing those words, the woman's heart filled up with joy and she hurriedly said: "I am only asking for the Young Master to bring my son away from here, to allow him to grow up safely."

    "Leng Shuang, carry the child." Feng Jiu ordered, her words meaning that she had agreed to the request.

    "Thank you Young Master! Thank you Young Master!"

    The woman thanked Feng Jiu vehemently, her tearful face breaking into a smile as she handed the child in her arms over to Leng Shuang, her eyes looking at the soundly sleeping boy and her heart filled up with pain. She gazed deeply at the child and then said to Feng Jiu: "Young Master, leave from the back!" The moment her voice fell, she immediately went running outside.

    Leng Shuang was slightly stunned as she carried the child in her arms as she asked: "Mistress, are we really going to bring him back?" She had not thought that her Mistress would really help those ghosts.

    "We are not really all that short of another mouthful of rice back home. What's the big deal about bringing him back?" Feng Jiu replied, thinking nothing of it.

    "He lost his parents and family at such a young age, he's indeed rather pitiful."

    Leng Shuang then said as she looked at the soundly sleeping Sunny with sympathy in her eyes. She and her brother had only each other to depend on. Her brother had her to take care of him at least but for this child, he had lost all his family at such a young age, and it tugged incessantly at her heart's sympathy.


    A sharp shriek tore through the night's air, which chilled the hearts of the two people in the room.
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