282 Return to Sun Glory

    Once those words came out, all the four ghosts were completely stunned, their eyes filled with incredulity.

    "Young..... Young Master said he possesses a methodology manual for ghosts to cultivate?"

    Could..... could that really be true? It must be known that manuals for devilry cultivation was a whole lot harder to find than one for cultivators! When they had still been human in this world, they had only merely heard of it but had never seen it before.

    If they were to have the methodology manual to be able to become devilry cultivators, then they would not have to worry about their Yin energy depleting and become unable to survive here under these Heavens! Moreover, once a devilry cultivator cultivated to a certain level, they would not need to fear the rays from the sun anymore! Then even in the day, they would be able to move about freely.

    It must be said that those words posed an irresistible allure to all of them.

    Not only would they be able to become devilry cultivators, they would be able to still protect Sunny. This was something that they did not even dare to think about.

    "That's right."

    Feng Jiu nodded, and said with a stern face: "But, if you people are to follow me, then you will have to serve under me and you must not harm people or otherwise, no need for others to exorcise you, I will have your soul scatter and disperse myself."

    "We take the Young Master as our Lord! Never to betray! If we go back on our words today, may we be struck by lightning where our souls will scatter and disperse, never to be reincarnated!"

    The four people knelt down respectfully and said in excited delight. To them, regardless whether it was to serve the person before their eyes as their Master or for them to be able to cultivate themselves as devilry cultivators, there were only advantages and it did not disadvantage them in anyway. Even if they were not given the methodology manual for them to cultivate, just by the fact that he had saved them today, they would never betray him.

    "Alright then. All of you can go back into the God Soul Wood to recuperate. I have a manor in the mountains which will be perfect for all of you to stay and guard, where you will be able to practice your cultivation as well. As for Sunny, leave him to me for now and do not go close to him before all of you are able to control your Yin energy properly."

    "Yes." The four ghosts acknowledged.

    "I still do not know what are your names." Feng Jiu looked at them to ask.

    "Master, I am called Zhao Yu He and this is my wife Lin Xin Hui. These is my father Zhao De Gao and my mother Fan Juan."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu then said: "I am called Feng Jiu. Let's do it this way. Dawn is about to break anyway, let's leave this place right now!"

    Saying that, she came outside. Leng Shuang carried the soundly sleeping Sunny and waited beside Old White, while Little Ball that was lying upon the horse's back glanced lazily at them briefly before closing its eyes again to go back to sleep.

    She took out the miniaturized airship and tossed it in the air. With the airship became big, she then said to Leng Shuang: "Carry Sunny into the room inside."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang replied, and went on ahead onto the airship. After she settled Sunny inside properly, she then came back down and blindfolded the horse's eyes before tying the horse securely on the airship and bringing Old White up as well.

    When the few members of the Zhao Family saw the airship, they could not help but gulp. It was an airship, and such a luxurious airship at that! This Master that they were serving, just what kind of a background did he have?

    "All of you go into the God Soul Wood now!" Feng Jiu indicated, asking them to go hide in there.

    The four of them acknowledged in unison, and morphed into four streaks of light as they went into the God Soul Wood, as Feng Jiu brought them up onto the airship, to go towards the Sun Glory Country.....

    Two days later, as the airship was just too conspicuous, when they came just outside a city at the border of the Sun Glory Country, Feng Jiu then kept the Phoenix Flyer away, and three people then went towards the city riding upon the horses, with Feng Jiu thinking that they had time on their hands, so they did not need to rush back to the Cloudy Moon City.

    After the three of them went into the city, and they were thinking that they already within the borders of the Sun Glory Country, they then found a place and changed into women's clothes. They purchased a few sets of clothes for Sunny before they travelled leisurely on their way towards the direction of the Cloudy Moon City.....
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