288 Coming Home

    Before she even reached the Feng Residence's main doors, her family members who had heard that she had come back were all waiting outside the door, their faces happily joyous.

    Feng Xiao was supporting the Old Patriarch as they stood outside the door in wait, their eyes overflowing with joy as they peered down the street, chattering excitedly.

    "That child was too much. Leaving without even telling us beforehand, and it has caused me to be unable to get a good night's sleep all this time, worrying whether she would meet with danger out there. It wouldn't have been so bad if she had brought the several Feng Guards, but she only brought that little lass Leng Shuang. Fortunately she has returned safely now and I can finally put down this great rock that has been weighing down my heart."

    "Tsk! Is that all you can take?"

    The Old Patriarch glanced sidelong at his son, but the eyes were still filled with smiles. The kind of joy and excitement that was spilling out from deep inside his heart was spreading to everyone around him, and everyone was anticipating for the Eldest Miss' return.

    "She's coming! She's coming! The Eldest Miss is back!"

    A servant shouted out delightfully, as he pointed at the white figure that had appeared upon the street.

    Because she was riding upon Old White as she came in and was in a higher position than the people, she was immediately spotted the moment she appeared. After the initial wave of delight, when they saw that the Eldest Miss' disfigured face had recovered to its original look of unmatched beauty, they could not help but cry out in surprise.

    "Old Master, Master, the Eldest Miss' countenance has really recovered!"

    "Hahaha! Little Feng has come back, quick! Light the firecrackers!"

    The Old Patriarch hollered in joy, and as his voice fell, the deafening crackling of firecrackers burst out merrily before the main doors of the Feng Residence, immediately drawing a crowd to gather there, all of them peering inquisitively.

    Feng Jiu could see the joyous expressions on the faces of her family from afar as she came riding in slowly upon Old White, which made her unable to help herself but to reveal a smile on her face. Seeing that they had even lit firecrackers outside the doors, joyous atmosphere immediately spread over the place in an instant.

    Sunny who was seated in front leaned back slightly when he saw the bustling and crowded scene, his hand gripping upon Feng Jiu sleeve, feeling a little happy, but also a little fearful.

    Sensing his unease, Feng Jiu smiled at him and rubbed his little noggin before she turned to look at the two men who had come forward to extend their welcome, where she then called out.

    "Grandfather, Father, I've come back."

    "This child here, how could you not discuss it with your father a little but left the house just like that? You've made your father so worried all this time. It's fine that you're back now, it's fine that you're back now."

    He went forward to hold Old White reins and then saw the little child seated in front. He then asked in surprise: "Where is this young child from?"

    Feng Jiu flipped herself off the horse, and then carried Sunny down.

    "Why are you asking so many questions for? We're still out here in the street you know! ? Come come come, we'll talk after we go back inside." The Old Patriarch said as he glared at Feng Xiao, and got people to go lead the horse inside. But who would have known. The guard was unable to move Old White in the slightest.

    "Young Miss, the horse is immovable." The guard said sheepishly as he rubbed at his nose, slightly embarrassed.

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu gave a light laugh and went to stroke Old White on its head as she whispered a few words into its ear. Old White gave its tail a swish before it then lifted its hooves to trot its way inside.

    Blending in within the crowd of people, Little Ball had already gone running inside a step before everyone, to tour the inside of the Feng Residence.

    "Haha, this horse isn't too bad, just that it looks a little strange." Feng Xiao said with a boisterous laugh as he looked at the dragon like white horse, feeling a little curious about the kind of breed that horse belonged to.

    "Grandfather Feng, Uncle Feng." A young and juvenile voice called out, tinged with a little timidness.

    The Old Patriarch and Feng Xiao were taken aback as they looked at the child still standing at Feng Jiu's side, his clear bright eyes tinted with traces of unease and trepidation. The two men could not help but smile, as they offered a word of praise.

    "Such a good boy. Come, let's go inside!"

    The entire bunch of people went walking inside. However, a soft voice then called out from behind, which caused them to halt in their steps.....
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