291 Handing Out Gifts

    Seeing that, the Old Patriarch stroked his beard and waved his hand dismissively as he said: "Hahaha. Alright, alright. I give up. Go on then, Little Feng. Go get some rest but you'll have to drink a few cups with grandfather tonight."

    "That works. Then I'll go get myself some rest first."

    She gave a light laugh, and she had barely taken two steps when she paused and turned her head back around to look at them before coming back with a smile. "I have not given out the presents yet!"

    "My child, there's no need to bring us gifts on a trip out in training."

    Feng Xiao laughed and shook his head, thinking that it was good enough that she was back safe and sound, not really bothering whether there would be any gifts. But when he saw the item she brought out, he could not help but widen his eyes, his face contorted up in incredulity.

    "This..... This..... is Red Jade Coral? Where..... Where did you get it from?"

    Immediately, endless thoughts passed through his mind as he stared at the extraordinarily precious Red Jade Coral, feeling that it was just too great a gift!

    It must be known that the item was something rather priceless. Besides being a great ornament to be admired, it could also be used for cultivation. Even being part of the Imperial Court, he had only ever seen a small little pot of it but his daughter had gone ahead to bring back such a enormous one which delighted him so much just thinking about it.

    Feng Jiu looked smilingly at him and said: "Father, this is for you!" Upon saying that, she turned to look at her Grandfather sitting at the side and pulled out a wine gourd before she went bringing it to him.

    "Grandfather, this is spirit wine that I brought back specially for you. I've tried it and the taste is robust and unforgettable. Moreover, the wine gourd that contains the wine is also a magical artifact that is able to hold five hundred catties of wine. From now on, Grandfather will not have to worry that the gourd does not hold enough."

    "Hahahaha, good good good. Little Feng truly know me well, knowing that the thing I love most is wine." The Old Patriarch accepted the gift with delight and he just could not wait to open the stopper on the gourd to have a whiff of the wine's fragrance.

    He was seen to take a deep whiff, his eyes closed in enjoyment as he said: "What fragrance! And the thick robust scent of spirit aura in the wine! I'm certain such fine wine cannot be found throughout the entire Sun Glory Country!"

    "Really? Let me try a sip."

    Feng Xiao had instantly sidled up forward when he heard that. Who would have known but the Old Patriarch immediately clutched the wine gourd tightly to his chest protectively as he waved his hand to shoosh his son away. "Go away, this was brought back specially for me by my precious granddaughter. You have your own present already, so don't come eyeing mine."

    Looking at the two of them banter, a gentleness rose up in Feng Jiu's eyes. Family like this felt so great, simple and warm. Although there were no many of them, but they valued kinship very much. The kinship she had not ever felt in her past life was all being fully gained here.

    "Big Brother, this is for you." She smiled as she took out the Eight Trigram Dish and handed it to Guan Xi Lin.

    Guan Xi Lin was slightly taken aback and he exclaimed in surprise: "I have a present too?"

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu could not help but laugh and say: "Of course! You are my family too. Father and Grandfather have their gifts, how can I possibly leave you out?"

    She laughed as she spoke, watching him hold the item without knowing what it was and she went on to explain: "This is the Eight Trigram Dish, a magical artifact. You can use it to fly, or to deal with an enemy."

    Hearing her say that, Guan Xi Li started to toy around with the Eight Trigram Dish, his face lit up in joy.

    "I'll be returning back to my courtyard now." She said smilingly, as she went walking inside.

    When evening fell, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua returned. Dinner had been prepared in the manor and the servants were scurrying around busily, driving the entire Feng Residence into a bustling hive of activity.

    Playing with Sunny, Feng Xiao then raised his voice to holler across: "Leng Shuang, go check if Qing Ge has woken up. Tell her she can come over anytime as everything is almost all prepared here and we are just waiting for her to start."
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