292 The Engagement Broken

    "I will."

    Leng Shuang answered and she was making her way to the back when she saw her Mistress coming out with a big yawn as she walked. Seeing that, she called out in address: "Mistress."

    "Mm." Feng Jiu acknowledged with a grunt. Having just awoken, she was still taken with sleepiness and she was feeling mighty lazy.

    "Mistress." Leng Hua saw her and his face could not help but to show a delightful smile as he came forward to greet.

    Feng Jiu's gaze looked Leng Hua up and down throughout before she smiled and said: "Looks like your body buffed up quite a bit."

    "I practise Tai Chi every morning and night. The condition of my body has improved tremendously." Leng Hua said happily.

    "That's great." Feng Jiu nodded and she walked herself over to the Old Patriarch who already could not help himself and had started drinking to say with a smile: Grandfather, aren't you afraid you'd get drunk? The kick from that wine packs quite a punch and you must not drink too much at one go."

    "Hahaha, I'm alright, I can hold my drink very well!" The Old Patriarch said with a great laugh as he poured out more wine to take a sip before he waved his hand to call out: Since everyone's here, have the servants serve up the food. Come come, everyone take your seats."

    "Big Sister Feng." Sunny came running over to hug her thigh. His face was rather happy as he said: "Big Sister Feng's house is so beautiful. Uncle Feng even brought Sunny to go see fish!"

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu laughed and ruffled the little fella's head and said: "It's great that you like it. Be a good boy in here alright?"

    "Mm mm, Sunny will be good." Sunny said with a clear voice as he nodded his head solemnly.

    That night, the entire family gathered together happily, eating and chatting till the night deepened, before they dispersed one after another feeling a little tipsy.....

    -- Two days later --

    News that the engagement between Murong Yi Xuan and Feng Qing Ge had been dissolved spread throughout the Cloudy Moon City. The moment the news reached the people, some of them gloated, while some clapped their hands in approval. It could be said that the majority of the people did not look upon the engagement between the two people well, and now that it had been called off, many of the people were secretly happy about it.

    Afterall, from what they could see, Feng Qing Ge was not worthy of such a proud son of the Heavens like the Third Prince. For a man like that, the woman at his side must definitely hold great might behind her and possess outstanding individual powers herself. Otherwise, just having great looks alone was completely useless.

    Everyone felt that Feng Qing Ge was not worthy of Murong Yi Xuan and it was only the people from the Feng Residence who felt that it was Murong Yi Xuan that was not good enough for Feng Qing Ge. Hence, when the people outside were heatedly discussing about the matter, every one of the guards and servants in the Feng Residence were indignant with rage.

    In their point of view, their Eldest Miss was stronger than anyone! And more outstanding than anyone!

    And Feng Jiu in her courtyard was not bothered by it at all. She only needed to know that the engagement had been dissolved as at that moment, all her thoughts were focused upon the book she held in her hand. Having carefully studied it for two days and the spirit herbs she had stored in the space, all that was left was for her to start learning by experimenting with her own hands the most basic of Alchemy.

    For her to be able to advance into becoming a Foundation Cultivator, then the Foundation Pill was a must and it would be too impractical to go out and purchase it. Needless to say that it would be highly difficult to find just one single Foundation Pill in the Sun Glory Country and even if there was one, she felt that it would not set her mind at ease as much as one that she had cultivated by herself.

    Moreover, in the manual that her Master gave her, it mentioned a kind of Perfect Foundation, a kind of Foundation that was so rare it was almost one in ten thousand. If she could achieve the perfect Foundation, then that would set the best foundation for her to advance into the Golden Core or even the Nascent Soul stages.

    Hence, over this period, Feng Jiu was not anxious in advancing her own cultivation but was instead getting everything properly prepared so that nothing would go wrong when she was striving for a Perfect Foundation.
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