293 A Loud Explosion!

    Feng Xiao came walking over and saw her reading a book in the yard. His stern face then showed a loving and indulgent smile as he said: "What book are you reading? You seem to be so engrossed in it."


    She closed her book and stood up as she flashed a sly smile at Feng Xiao. "Just researching into something new."

    "Being so mysterious. Alright, Father won't probe. I came here just to see how you're doing and to tell you that the little courtyard you wanted cleared out is ready. By the way, what are you intending to use that courtyard for? Do you need me to add anything to it?"

    "There's no need. It just needs to be emptied out." Feng Jiu said with a smile and then continued on: "I might be a little busier over the upcoming period, so I'll have to trouble Father to help me look after Sunny for me."

    "No worries about that! That child is just so obedient. I already employed someone to teach him how to read and write. I'll also teach him to practice the horse stance to build his foundation. Come on now! Let Father accompany you to go have a look at the courtyard. If there's anything you're dissatisfied with, tell me and I'll have someone take it down."

    "Alright." Feng Jiu said with a smile, as she walked out together with Feng Xiao.

    When the two of them came to some replica miniature mountains as they walked, they could hear laughter coming from afar. She raised her eyes up to look and saw the full white flabby body of Old White teasing several servant maids in play.

    Seeing that scene, Feng Xiao went on to say with a laugh: "Old White was initially locked up in the stables by the servants but it just refused to stay in there. I then asked people to release it from its tethers and allowed it to roam by itself within the manor."

    Looking at Old White who was lying on its back with its hooves up in the air as the servant girls rubbed its belly, Feng Xiao shook his head and said while laughing: "I must say, Old White is highly intelligent. I saw that it likes to go stick itself among the servant girls but is always treating the guards with disdain, which is really strange. Even the Old Patriarch said that he has never seen a dragon horse like Old White."

    Feng Jiu glanced at Old White who laid there with its belly exposed and its hooves in the air, and she found herself rather speechless.

    "Old White has always been that lecherous. When I encountered Old White for the first time, it had refused to move a single step no matter how hard its previous owner pulled at it. Who would have known once it met me, it immediately came pounding its hooves over to me, chasing me the entire way, and its previous owner then decided to give it to me as a gift."

    As the father and daughter pair came near, the several servant girls then hurriedly scrambled to curtsy respectfully in greeting, calling out in soft voices: "Old Master, Young Miss."


    Old White flipped itself up onto its hooves to stand on the ground, immediately wanting to go sidle itself up against Feng Jiu but was stopped by Feng Xiao.

    "Ay ay ay, this dragon horse. Don't go sticking yourself right up against my daughter all the time."

    Standing behind, Feng Jiu saw her father's brawny figure standing in front to block Old White away from her, she just could not help but laugh out loud slightly.

    "Father, just accompanying me up to here will do. I'll make my own way to the courtyard myself from here." She said as she stepped out from behind him. As she passed beside Old White and she saw Old White's body that was hanging over with fats, she turned her head around with a smile and said: "Don't let Old White have its fill too much. Let it shed off a bit of all that flesh."

    "Rest assured about that. Just leave it to your father and there will not be a problem. I'll bring it out later to run a few rounds." Feng Xiao said with a boisterous laugh, and gestured for Feng Jiu to go on ahead while he remained behind, leading Old White away in another direction.

    After Feng Jiu came to the courtyard, she then took out the pill furnace and some of the spirit herbs she had scammed out of the Hell's Lord, thinking to start learning from the most basic and simplest pills. Her first trip to the courtyard, quickly took up the entirety of six whole hours.

    As the doors into the courtyard were closed, and the doors of the emptied out Alchemy Room were similarly shut, no one knew what she was so busy with inside. Until, a suddenly loud boom sounding like an explosion rang out within the Feng Residence. That sound quaked through the Feng Residence, sending a slight tremor through the floor, causing the people inside the manor to come running out in shock to take at look.
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