297 Extraordinary

    Feng Xiao who heard the commotion from inside the manor naturally knew that something big has happened and was guessing that it was linked to her daughter's endless tinkering throughout the past few days without sleep. Hence, when he heard the Old Patriarch's loud shout, his imposing voice that was imbued with strong powerful mystical powers sounded out in the manor right after.

    "All guards of the Feng Manor, hear my order! Guard the Feng Residence and do not let even a fly in!"

    The hearts of all the guards jumped as they scrambled around within the manor, readying themselves for battle immediately as they acknowledged the order in the next instant. "Yes, Family Head!"

    The resounding and powerful reply was filled with battle readiness as it rose up within the various courtyards of the Feng Residence. Some of the guards were already standing guard at the different courtyards, some of them patrolling the walkways. Some were watching around the pond, and there were also some hidden in the shadows.

    But, when they heard the Old Patriarch's and Feng Xiao's voices, every single one of them sped over like warriors prepared for a bloodbath to the perimeter walls of the courtyards, to stop anyone from sneaking in over the manor's walls.

    All the servants gathered under the steward's order to wait within the house. The stared in bewilderment and uncertainty at the black clouds swirling in the sky above the house, throwing down frightening thunder and lightning, their hearts filled with shock.

    A bolt out of a clear sky. To think that they would actually see such a thing. Moreover, it seemed that it had something to do with the Young Miss?

    Little Ball who had originally been lazily soaking up the gentle morning sunshine upon the miniature mountain immediately sat itself up straight when it saw the sudden bolt of lightning strike down from the Heavens. Humanlike astoundment appeared within its sharp and bloodthirsty eyes and it immediately picked up its legs to go running towards the courtyard.

    [Drawing lightning bolts down from the Heavens on a clear day like this? What has that woman been up to?]

    Not just Little Ball had rushed itself over there, even Old White who had been attempting to crawl under the servant girls' skirts had raised it head up and looked up into the sky. It sniffed at the air and immediately went running straight towards the courtyard as well.


    With the fall of the third Heavenly lightning strike, the swirling and rolling black clouds in the sky then dispersed away, and calm seemingly resumed back in the Feng Residence for a moment, but everyone knew that the problems had just begun.

    Because the people who had come rushing from various sides out there were gathering outside the Feng Residence's main doors one after another in succession, some shocked, some astounded, some bewildered, some incredulous as they stared upon the tightly shut doors of the Feng Residence.

    [A bolt out of the blue, and it was three Heavenly strikes at that! What has happened within the Feng Residence?]

    Everyone was eager to know, but the Feng Residence was afterall not just an ordinary family. With the Feng Residence's main doors shut, however curious they might be, they would not dare to barge their way in without the owner's permission.

    "What would you say happened in the Feng Residence? Why had it drawn down bolts from the Heavens?"

    "Who knows? The Feng Residence has their doors tightly shut. Who would dare to go knock on their doors at a time like this?"

    "Even if you knock, they will not tell you. But I'm really very curious what has happened in there?"

    "Look there! Isn't that the ruler? He actually came here personally himself!" One of the Family Heads exclaimed in a low voice, causing everyone to turn towards the figure approaching fast.

    Another Family Head looked deep in thought as he said: "Even the country's ruler has personally come, you can see just how grave a matter this is. I think the doors of the Feng Residence will definitely open."

    "Mm. I agree. We might not be able to get into the Feng Residence, but the ruler will definitely be able to go in."

    Among everyone's low whispers, the ruler Murong Bo tapped the tip of his feet to soar up onto the roof of a restaurant. Although he was unable to see the situation within the courtyard, but it could be ascertained that the three lightning bolts from the Heavens had indeed been drawn here by the Feng Residence.

    The incisive gaze flashed with a grim glint and standing straight backed with his hands behind his back, with a tap of the tip of his feet, he came right before the Feng Residence and knocked upon the tightly shut doors.....
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