299 Curiosity Killed the Ca

    Hearing those words, the Old Patriarch's eyes lit up, so excited was he that his voice trembled as he said: "I've heard that only pills with five grain lines and above would draw down lightning from the Heavens! Your..... your pills possess five grain lines! ?"

    "Mm. They are indeed five grain lined Transformation Pills."

    Feng Jiu replied with a smile as she looked at her excited grandfather. "Grandfather, you should go up front to watch over things. I'll go back to wash up a little and change my clothes first before I'll come. Remind the servants to keep mum and even if the Ruler asks, tell them to not say anything."

    Although the Old Patriarch did not know what kind of effects the Transformation pills had, but his heart was filled with absolute delight.

    "What you've said is correct. With the reputation of the Feng Residence, those people outside would not dare to barge their way in. Even the Ruler would not bring himself down to the level of forcibly barging his way into a subordinate's home. Go on ahead to wash up and change! Grandfather will go to the front and see what the situation is."

    He spoke hurriedly, and then readjusted his demeanor before he went walking out to the courtyard in the front of the house.

    Seeing that, Feng Jiu similarly went walking to her courtyard, ordering people to prepare the bathwater.

    At that moment, Murong Bo standing before the Feng Residence already had his rage risen to its peak. He had thought of kicking the Feng Residence's doors open or to go inside by leaping over the perimeter wall, but his position and pride would not allow him to commit such a low brow act. He could flick his sleeves and leave but could not swallow the indignation, hence, the atmosphere grew extremely tense.

    And it was right at that moment that the tightly shut doors opened with a creak. Old Patriarch Feng was beaming with smiles while slightly apologetic as he came out in greeting while the grim faced Feng Xiao followed behind with his head slightly lowered, looking like he had just been admonished.

    "Sigh! Blame it on this old man. This old man made Feng Xiao guard the door and told him to not let anyone come in, but I had not thought that the Ruler would also be alarmed, causing the Ruler to stand in wait outside the doors. How disrespectful we've been." Old Patriarch Feng prattled on with his hand clasped over his fist as he repeatedly bowed in apology, coming forward to welcome the Ruler, till he stood right in front of him.

    "Ruler, please come inside at once." Old Patriarch Feng said as he stretched his hand out in invitation, his body tilted to the side to allow the Ruler to enter first.

    Murong Bo's dark face cast a glance at Feng Xiao and with a sharp flick of his sleeves, he harrumphed loudly before he went striding his way inside.

    When the people crowded around outside saw that scene, their expressions were greatly varied. Some of them jumped up forward, calling out to Old Patriarch Feng who was about to make his way inside.

    "Old Patriarch please hold on for a while."

    The Old Patriarch turned around and looked at the two middle aged men behind him. Seeing that it was two Family Heads from the several bigger family clans in the Cloudy Moon City, he put on a smile and asked: "Is there something the two Family Heads want?"

    Hearing those words, the two men thought to themselves in their hearts: [Isn't that asking the obvious? Could he possibly be unaware of what they want?]

    Though that might be the case, their faces did not show what they were thinking in the slightest but continued to smile and say: "It's like this. We saw three Heavenly lightning strikes that fell within the Feng Residence, we are wondering what could have drawn down those Heavenly strikes? Can the Old Patriarch disperse the curiosity in our hearts?"

    Old Patriarch Feng halted his footsteps and he raised a hand to stroke at his beard as he looked at the two men. His gaze then moved over the crowd of people who had not come forward but were standing near enough to hear those words and waiting for his answer. He then put on a smile on his face and said a statement that stumped them all speechless.

    "As people say, curiosity killed the cat. Our two gentlemen here are not that young anymore. It is better that you do not become curious about things that you shouldn't get curious about."

    Seeing Old Patriarch Feng turn around and walk inside, the two Family Heads' faces flushed red, staring speechlessly as the Feng Residence's main doors slowly closed.....

    When the crowd of people not far behind heard those words, their faces were ones of astoundment. They had not thought that the Old Patriarch would not even give the two Family Heads any face, and was so direct and harsh with his words. Afterall, those two Family Heads were quite highly regarded in the Cloudy Moon City as well!
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