520 Alarm

    Feng Jiu's eyes blinked innocently. With an earnest tone, she explained, "I'm really here to get an assessment for the Saint rank alchemist! I had also paid the correct fee for this assessment!"

    It turned out that they saw her as a child, coming here to have fun?

    The examiner who earlier helped Feng Jiu register also looked on with disapproval at Feng Jiu this time. However, when he saw this young man's innocent face and serious expression, his mood relaxed a bit. He asked calmly, "Do you have the Ancestor rank alchemist badge?"

    Feng Jiu shook her head, "I don't have it."

    "What about the Master rank alchemist badge, then?"

    "I don't have it either." She shook her head again.

    The examiner looked displeased when he heard her answer, but he still asked, "And what about the alchemist badge?"

    "I have none of them! I haven't taken any assessments. This is my first time to come to the alchemist guild." Although she could refine medicines, she indeed had no badges! If she had those, why would she come all the way here?

    After listening to Feng Jiu's answer, the other two examiners could not help but angrily rebuked her, "You are not even an alchemist, how would you take an assessment for the Saint rank alchemist? And you still say that you're not crazy? It's obvious that wishing to be a Saint rank alchemist itself is crazy! You waste our time early in the morning. You, you leave immediately!"

    Feng Jiu was not upset being yelled at by those people. Perhaps it was because she understood their mind. It's normal for them to feel that way. After all, even without the alchemist's badge, she wanted to be assessed at the Saint rank alchemist. It was indeed indulging in a wild fantasy.

    Thus, with an amiable smile and glittering eyes, she said, "Examiners, please don't be too vigorous with your anger early in the morning. It will hurt your body! Please listen to my full explanation!"

    Seeing them glaring at her, she did not wait for them to speak. "Although I don't have the alchemist badge, I am indeed an alchemist. I apply for the Saint rank alchemist assessment directly because I judge myself capable to get the badge and become a Saint rank alchemist. Otherwise, taking one assessment after another would waste my time."

    Hearing this, the three people who restrained their anger in their hearts became even more furious. They felt that the youth was excessively ignorant. He had the impertinence to boast at the Alchemist Guild and say that spending time to pass each assessment was a waste of his time.

    Originally, he thought that the young man had an outstanding appearance, thoroughly well-mannered, and pure. But now, they had never seen anyone worse!

    "Very well! Let's see how you make the elixir of the Saint rank alchemist level! But let me tell you first, if you take two baskets of spirit herbs and waste them, you have to buy them at ten times the price! "

    Feng Jiu rubbed her nose innocently. She was just telling the truth. Unexpectedly, these people got even angrier. Ai! Wasn't she innocent?

    Although she would remain at this place for a while and thus still had time, she did not want to spend it inside the guild. Thus, she inspected the things on the medicine refining table. She found that those equipment were appropriate for the ordinary elixir but insufficient to refine elixirs at the Saint rank alchemist.

    So she looked at the three examiners and said, "The equipment is too low. I'll trouble you to replace it with the equipment that fits the Saint rank alchemist."

    Hearing this, the three men could not speak except for staring at each other. At this point, an elderly person's voice was heard.

    "Give him the equipment for Saint rank alchemist. Let Old Yu come over and oversee this assessment."

    When the voice came, the three examiners were startled and their faces reflected their astonishment. This, this had alarmed the Great Elder?
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