302 Transformation Pill

    When Old Patriarch Feng saw that, he admonished with a laugh: "Useless bum."

    Feng Jiu was stunned a moment and then could not help but laugh out loud as she called out: "Leng Shuang, get two people to come bring my Father back to rest."

    Leng Shuang acknowledged from outside and summoned for two guards to go inside to carry Feng Xiao back to his yard.

    In the main hall, Feng Jiu gave the Old Patriarch a bottle that contained a Transformation Pill and said with a smile: "Grandfather, this Transformation Pill is for you."

    "For me?"

    The Old Patriarch was taken aback and he went on to wave his hand dismissively as he said: "How can you do that? You did not sleep for three days and three nights for these pills and you must have expended quite a bunch of herbs for them. Just keep them for yourself! Grandfather is already so old and these pills will not be of much use to me."

    "Who said there's no use?"

    She smiled slyly and said: "Grandfather, you still do not know the effects of this Transformation Pill!"

    Her voice paused slightly and she then said: "Do you know that when a mystical power cultivator swallows a Transformation Pill, it clears out all the impurities built up in one's body over the years and it tempers one's bones and muscles while widening one's meridians? Not only that, because the body's impurities have been cleared out, and the bones and muscles tempered with meridians widened, for two months that person's speed in cultivation advancement will be greatly increased."

    "Moreover, Grandfather is now at the mystical Martial Sovereign level's initial phase and at the eighth grade. If you are to take the Transformation Pill, I believe that Grandfather will be able to breakthrough the Martial Sovereign's initial phase completely and enter into the peak phase."

    Hearing that, the Old Patriarch's eyes widened incredulously and he stuttered in surprise: "The..... The Transformation Pill really has such miraculous effects?"

    "Of course. Just this tiny little pill here is made up of ten over types of precious magical herbs, and it is a pill with five grain lines, so it will most naturally have that kind of an effect."

    Feng Jiu smiled and stuffed the bottle into his hands before he said: "Well, if Grandfather doesn't believe me, wouldn't you know it for sure by giving it a try?"

    "But you only managed to cultivate just that one pill after so much effort, if you give it to Grandfather wouldn't that be....."

    Hearing that, she leaned in close to her grandfather's side and said conspiratorially: "Grandfather, I'll secretly tell you something. I cultivated three pills, and I'll give Father another one. I'll then bring the last one to the black market to be auctioned off and with that money, I'll buy in more magical herbs and cultivate once more to get more pills."

    Hearing that, the Old Patriarch then revealed a happy smile on his face before he said in joy: "Alright, alright, alright. Then Grandfather will accept this."

    Looking at his granddaughter who was becoming more and more capable, he felt highly comforted and he then said: "Little Feng is truly becoming more and more impressive!"

    If it was known that she was capable of cultivating a five grain Transformation Pill, it would surely be a case of a lone rock kicking up a thousand waves. She was still so young, and would not know the evils of the world. If people with malicious intentions came to know about it and sought to kill her while she's still in the cradle, then.....

    Thinking about that, the smile on his face constricted slightly and he turned to remind Feng Jiu with a serious demeanor: "Little Feng, you must know that hiding one's light under a bushel will protect you more than having your talents shine out brilliantly. You must remember to only give people you meet thirty percent trust. You're still young and you already possessed the Ghost Doctor's fame. If you are going to bring out a five grain lined Transformation Pill on top of that, there is no guarantee that the powers behind the black market will not start having strange ideas."

    "So Grandfather is suggesting that the Transformation Pill should not be shown to the world yet and even if I make a move it should not be in a small little ninth grade country like the Sun Glory. Otherwise, once this pill surfaces, trouble will come right after."

    Seeing the unconcealable worry in his eyes, Feng Jiu felt a warmth come into her heart and she said softly: "Rest assured Grandfather, I know it. I will be very careful when I make my move with the Transformation Pill, and it will not bring me any trouble. But, after all that happened today, I think that the Ruler might have some opinions about our Feng Family."
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