306 Destruction or comply?

    In their view, other than Feng Qing Ge's outstanding beauty, there was nothing else to it. She had no strength, for someone who was unworthy of the third Highness, what more of the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country?

    In the residence, Murong Yi Xuan was still stunned because he did not expect that Feng Xiao would actually throw Lord Xiang out. This was akin to slapping his Imperial Father's face. With his imperial fathers temper, he was afraid that he would be extremely furious after learning about it.

    "Hmph! Greatest blessing and honour? My Feng residence does not need such blessings!"

    Feng Xiao was huffing and puffing as he strode back into the hall. When he saw that Murong Yi Xuan was still standing there in the courtyard, he said, "Your Highness, please go back as well, steward, please send our guest."

    Perhaps it was because Murong Bo had made him so angry, so when he looked at Murong Yi Xuan, he felt that he was not pleasing to the eye.

    "Uncle Xiao, please wait."

    Murong Yi Xuan stopped in his tracks as he said: "Uncle Xiao, no matter what, my Imperial Father is the ruler of the country. Your actions today were not very appropriate."

    "My actions may not be appropriate, does that mean that your Imperial Father's actions are right? My Feng family has defended Sun Glory Country for decades, all I have left is my precious pearl, Feng Qing Ge. Without any discussion, he arbitrarily agree on this engagement and be told my daughter to be someone else is side concubine? Listen carefully - side concubine. Who needs this?"

    Murong Yi Xuan did not feel comfortable from the bottom of his heart. He said, "I believe that this matter did not leave my Imperial Father much of a choice. After all, Green Gallop Country is a sixth rank country. If they exert pressure on us, we aren't able to bear it."

    "All right, don't say anymore. Anyway, I would not let my daughter a side concubine." He waved his hands and no longer wanted to listen any further as he walked away.

    "Third Highness, this way please." The steward who stood at the side bowed slightly as he gestured.

    Seeing this, Murong Yi Xuan walked out as he stepped out of the door, he halted a step. He turned around and asked the steward: "Did your miss save where she was going? When will she be back?"

    The steward smiled and apologised, "This is something us slaves do not know as well."

    Hearing this, Murong Yi Xuan did not ask any further and stepped out of the gates.

    In the Imperial Palace


    After listening to the report of Lord Xiang, Murong Bo slammed his fist heavily on the table as he stood up enraged. He then hollered out: "Heed my orders! Have Feng Xiao thrown into the dungeons!"

    When Lord Xiang heard this, he quickly interjected. "Please appease your anger, my liege. Such an action at this time is not feasible."

    "This Feng Xiao is simply too arrogant! If your liege does not teach him a lesson, he will ever forget that he is my subordinate!" Murong Bo's face was contorted in anger as he solemnly said: "Since he blatantly violated my decree by refusing to accept it, is a self is already a heavy penalty of disrespect!"

    Lord Xiang's sighed and said, "but my liege, this Feng Xiao is not any ordinary person. The entire Feng family is under him, if we throw him into the dungeons, it would inevitably stir up discontentment and this is something that is not favourable."

    "Does that mean that we had to give in to him? Then where shall I put my face?" He was furious and the more he thought about the incident where he was barred from entry and now his decree was not respected, his patience had reached its limit.

    "My liege, the Crown Prince of the Green Gallop Country will be coming soon. At that time, this matter would be dealt by him. This vessel believes that at that time, love and would not dare to reject the engagement. His Feng Residence is strong only in Sun Glory Country and will not be able to contend against the mighty forces of Green Gallop Country. If he does not want to be destroyed, he has only one path to take and that is to comply."
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