307 Princess Qingning?

    When he heard this, Murong Bo smiled and looked at him with appreciation.he said: "It is all thanks to your reminder, or else, your liege would make a wrong decision in my rage."

    Lord Xiang smiled and said, "it is an honour to be able to share the worry of our country with my liege."

    On the other side, at the Plum Blossom Ridge, Feng Jiu was diligently refining pills for an entire month. She was already familiar with all the steps and her control of flames as well as spiritual power had vastly improved.

    After a month, the only five grained pills that were refined was at that one time. It was because she feared that she will incur another round of tribulation lightning, hence,she only refined pills that were below that level.

    As for the foundation pill, only two or three grained line pills could be found commonly. There were also those with higher levels, and those were considered to be treasures and could only be found at auctions or special shops.

    The ingredients needed to refine the foundation pill was not exceptionally rare. On the contrary, those spirit herbs are more commonly found, however to properly refine these into a foundation pill was not an easy task.

    After experimenting and practising for a month, fifty portions of the spirit herbs needed only produced two successful batches and in each batch, only three grained line pills were refined.

    The three grained line was not suitable for her to prepare for the perfect foundation. The lower the grade of a pill, the more impurities it held. The medicinal efficiency will also be drastically reduced, that was why she needed to use one that was at least of the fifth grade.

    When Leng Shuang who was coming in from the outside saw that her mistress was refining the hills in the courtyard, she deliberated on whether to proceed.

    After she placed the newly refined batch of blood clotting pills into the bottle, Feng Jiu did not lift her head up and asked, "What is it? Is there something?" While talking, all the spirit herbs on the table were placed back into the space with a thought. After which, she kept the pill furnace.

    "Mistress, there is a message from the capital." She walked forward and reported.

    "What message? Is it related to me?" Feng Jiu race ahead and looked at Leng Shuang, if it was not related to her, Leng Shuang would not look so hesitant.

    "Indeed, it has something to do with Mistress."

    Leng Shuang sighed before she said, "Green Gallop Country's Crown Prince has sent people to request for an engagement to the ruler and has requested Mistress to be his side concubine. The ruler did not consult with old Patriarch or Old Master and agreed to this."

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu furrowed her brows before mentioning, "The Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country? I do not seem to know such a person!"

    In bewilderment, she asked: "What was my father's reaction?"

    "When the Master heard the news, the first thing he did was to rush to the Palace to meet with the ruler. However, he was stopped before he could even enter the Palace Gates. After that, the ruler sent Lord Xiang to issue a decree and he was thrown out by Master."

    "Hahaha, this does sound like something my Father would do." She chuckled as she thought about his reaction.

    Because the decree was not fulfilled, the ruler issued yet another decree to appoint mistress as Princess Qingning and the side concubine of the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country.

    "Princess Qingning?" Feng Jiu smiled softly and said, "This Murong Bo is so sure that I will act according to his arrangements? After staging so many dramas, if he is unable to get off the stage wouldn't it be very embarrassing?"

    Seeing that she did not seem to care, Leng Shuang asked, "Mistress, you need to go back to the residence?"

    "I need to take this period of time of time to cultivate, so for now I will put this on hold. If I don't go back to the capital, there is also nothing he can do." Very casually, she took out the pills that she had just refined and passed it over to Leng Shuang.

    "Keep this blood clotting pill, if ingested, it is able to cure internal bleeding. If crushed, applying it directly will be able to heal external wounds."
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