528 A gutless woman

    Feng Jiu expressionlessly looked around, pretending not to hear Hell's Lord's words. She looked at Leng Shuang and Leng Hua. "Mm, we've been out for some time. Let's first go back to the inn to rest and then order a few dishes to celebrate my success in getting Saint rank alchemist badge."

    Leng Hua was wreathed in smiles, "Master, I heard earlier that there is a restaurant specializing in marinated pig trotters in the city. It is very delicious. I'll buy some and bring back to the inn to accompany our dinner later."

    Feng Jiu walked up to Leng Hua and patted him on the shoulder. She smilingly said, "You don't need to go, let Gray Wolf do it. He runs fast." She turned her head and glanced at Gray Wolf.

    Gray Wolf said in a mocking manner, "Young Master Jiu, rest assured. I'll take care of it. I'm an expert at running errands." Only Ghost Doctor could make him, a powerful Golden Core cultivator, a runner to buy pig trotters.

    "Mm, I know you're the best man for this job. I'll give you some stuff some other day." She told him with a crooked smile and then quickly went downstairs, heading for the inn.

    "Hmph! This gutless woman!" Ling Mo Han snorted coldly when he saw her running away. He knew then that she didn't care. He told her everything, yet she didn't dare to answer.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One stood respectfully with their heads bowed. They pretended to not hear anything.

    Ling Mo Han stood up and walked past the two men. He paused his steps and glanced at Gray Wolf. "Hand over the things she gives you." He dared to accept things from his woman? He's truly tired of living.

    Gray Wolf had not yet recovered from the joy of hearing Ghost Doctor's promise to give him gifts. When he heard this order, he promptly agreed, "Yes, this subordinates will surely hand it over."

    "Hmph!" Ling Mo Han snorted and walked out with his hands behind his back.

    Gray Wolf breathed out softly and wiped the cold sweat. He looked at Shadow One with a miserable scowl, "Tell me, why does Ghost Doctor like to make me work for her? Why didn't she tell you to run errands?"

    She was very good to him and his master quickly resented him for it.

    Shadow One glanced at him and answered, "Didn't you said earlier that you're the best at running errands? Who's she going to ask if not you?" He quickly caught up with the master in front.

    Gray Wolf's lips curved. He was the one who spoke, so he could only obediently buy the pig trotters.

    At the inn, the innkeeper broke out in a cold sweat watching the black market chief sitting on the first floor for several hours. His legs slightly trembled.

    Were those people staying on the second floor not long-sighted enough to provoke the black market? Otherwise, how could the black market chief sit here for hours without leaving? While being prostrated with fear, he heard the black market's chief spoke.


    "Chief, Chief Ke, do you have any instructions?" He came to him at once and stood in a proper manner. His voice was trembling with fear.

    Chief Ke shot him a glance and asked him, "Think again. Did that young master in red not tell you where he's going?"

    "He didn't tell me."

    The innkeeper wiped the sweat from his forehead and added, "But they can't run away. Their horses are still behind. When the waiter entered to clean their rooms, he also saw their pets were kept in the room. They should, they should have gone out to handle some affairs."

    As he spoke, he caught a glimpse of a dazzling red figure coming from afar. The innkeeper was so delighted that he hurriedly pointed at them and shouted, "They're here, they're here. Chief Ke, look, the young master in red is back."
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