313 Is Death Imminent?

    The moment the pressure of the martial cultivators was released, Feng Xiao who had suffered severe internal injuries felt his blood rush up his throat. He could only taste something salty and metallic as more blood gushed out and he forcefully tried to repress it.

    But at this moment, the two old men started to condense profound qi on their palms and rushed towards him. The speed of the martial cultivator was extremely fast, so fast that he could not see their attacks clearly before he was sent flying.

    Bang! Bang!

    Two heavy strikes sounded out as they landed on his chest. One had used his fist, while the other had used his palm to strike. Both attacks contained powerful profound qi that were deadly and fierce!


    Feng Xiao let out a muffled groan as he vomited out more blood when he was sent flying back. He could only feel that his chest was so painful that he found it hard to endure, before he could figure things out, those two old men appeared before him once again. The next moment, he could feel a gush of wind that was ferociously rushing towards his head.


    Old White neighed in anger and when he saw that one of the old man's palm was facing Feng Xiao's head, and he immediately rushed towards him and kicked him away.

    "Damn it!"

    Before that old man could strike out, he was sent flying. This horse's power was really powerful, even a martial cultivator could not defend against it. The old man was sent flying and landed in an embarrassing position as he was lying sprawled facing the sky.

    "You foul beast!"

    The other old man saw that it was once again this weird horse that had meddled, he was so angry that he sccreamed out before he kicked up a long sword from the ground and caught it with his hand as he imbued it with profound qi and slashed in the direction of Old White.

    Originally, both of them did not have the intention to kill it. However, it had time and time again meddled in their affairs and ruined things for them. It could no longer stay alive!


    An explosive yellowish brown smoke was suddenly released from its backside. The yellowish brown smoke was like a poisonous mist, it was so smelly beyond comparison and it bombarded that old man's face just like that. Old White even managed to swish its tail and slapped his face once, rendering him to a faint immediately.

    Seeing this scene, the remaining black robed men as well as the masked leader immediately took a step back, avoiding the yellowish brown stench. For a moment there, the masked man saw Old White neigh loudly and fell to the ground as it pulled the heavily injured Feng Xiao onto its back and sprint away.

    Seeing this, he reacted in an instant and he raised his hand to point the sleeve arrow at Feng Xiao's back - in the direction of his heart. A murderous intent flashed by his eyes and he shot it out without any hesitation.



    Feng Xiao who had been severely injured let out a pained scream when he felt the arrow penetrate his back. His blood turned from red to black. Initially, he was still struggling to sit but he immediately fell and slammed directly on to Old White's back, but he clutched on tight all the way....

    Just as about the masked man was about to give chase, he heard the sound of the approaching reinforcements and he immediately shouted out: "Scatter!"

    The remaining men immediately followed his instructions and scattered in a flash. The masked man looked back with regret, although he did not personally see Feng Xiao breathe his last, however he had received two direct blows from martial cultivators. In addition, Feng Xiao was also shot by his arrow which had been laced with a deadly poison so even if it was an immortal, he also could not be saved!

    Thinking of this, the last thread of worry in his heart dissipated as he quickly left the place and disappeared in the midst of the mountain road...

    "Feng Xiao!"

    The voice of the Old Patriarch was filled with dread and anxiety when he saw his son whose life was hanging by a thin line sprawled on the back of Old White. His heart immediately tensed up.
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