316 Feng Jiu returns!

    When the two doctors stepped forward, Murong Yi Xuan walked before Old Man Feng and bowed respectfully before asking, "Grandfather Feng, have you found out who did it?"

    Old Man Feng shook his head and sighed: "Not yet, at that moment I only thought about bringing Feng Xiao back safely. I didn't have time to check things out, now that he is unconscious and his life is hanging by a thin thread, how can I still care about this?"

    "Grandfather Feng, please do not worry too much. Blessed are the good men, nothing untoward will happen to Uncle Feng." He comforted him in a gentle tone before he turned to the two doctors who had finished taking the pulse of Feng Xiao. Seeing that they both had on a solemn and grim expression, he asked: "How is it?"

    The two doctors looked at each other before they bowed and replied, "Third Prince, Old Master Feng, General Feng's injury is extremely severe. His chest is coagulated with blood, his blood flow is not smooth and he had been poisoned by a deadly poison. I am afraid that our medical skills are not enough to treat it."

    When Murong Yi Xuan heard this, he furrowed his brows and pressed further, "Is that no other way?"

    The two doctors started to contemplate for moment before saying, "If you can find the Ghost Doctor, there may be a chance. However, that Ghost Doctor is very elusive and it is not easy to find him. No one knows for sure where he is and even if you find him, it might be too late by then."

    Old Man Feng had already heard from the doctors of the manor, and now after listening to the similar words of them, his heart was more prepared. However, his heart was still stimulated and his expression stiffened. Seeing his forlorn expression only made the surrounding people's hearts sour and saddened.

    Since you can't treat it, please head back first. With the condition of my father, it is not convenient to entertain any guests now. I implore Third Prince to express our gratitude to the Ruler on our behalf." Guan Xi Lin said as he gestured to invite them out.

    Murong Yi Xuan glanced at Guan Xi Lin before he spoke to Old Man Feng: "Grandfather Feng, then I shall head back first. I will also send people to enquire on the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor, if there is any news, I will definitely send people to invite him over."

    "You have heart." Old Man Feng nodded his head as the three of them bowed slightly before heading out.

    After they came out of the Feng residence, Murong Yi Xuan told the two doctors to head back first to report. He immediately headed out the direction of the black market, wanting to find the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor. If the Ghost Doctor had already returned to Cloudy Moon City, there was still a chance for Uncle Feng to survive.

    However, on his way to the black market, he met the people from the black market who were rushing towards the Feng Residence. Seeing this, he stopped in his tracks as he turned and saw the figure and followed, making his way back to the Feng Residence once more.

    In the Palace, the Emperor asked anxiously: "What is the situation of Feng Xiao?"

    "Your Majesty, General Feng's situation is not very optimistic. Not only is he suffering from serious internal injuries, he has been poisoned heavily as well. It could be that his poison had been suppressed by some kind of pill, or else, he would not have survived till now. While this is the case, the two of us had taken his pulse but did not dare to heal him."

    "Oh? So his injury is really that serious?" The Emperor asked with a frown.

    The two doctors exchanged glances and bowed deeper before replying, "If there is no miracle, he would not be able to last night."

    When he heard this, he slammed his hand against the dragon throne as he muttered, "Miracle? Where can you find so many miracles in this world..."

    However, they did not know that a white figure was quietly returning to the Feng residence at this moment and without notifying anyone, it appeared in the courtyard of Feng Xiao.

    The guards that were guarding the courtyard only saw a white figure flash by. Just as they were about to strike out, they realised that that figure belonged to their Young Miss who had been away for so long!
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