319 Personally making a trip!

    Hearing his words, Old Man Feng quickly thanked him: "Thank you very much Manager Yan. This is really sending coal in the snow! No matter whether my son can pull through this crisis, I will personally offer my thanks to repay this gratitude another day.

    "Old Patriarch, you are too polite." Manager Yan smiled and handed two bottles of medicine offered to him and said, "This bottle here is for internal injury, this here is for detoxifying poison. Old Patriarch, hurry and take it to General Feng. Time is of the essence, hurry and let him use it, I will be taking my leave."

    After saying, he turned and left.

    Old Man Feng quickly and that this too had sent him out as he took the medicine and hurried towards Feng Xiao's courtyard.

    When he returned to the room once again, it had already been cleaned up. The bloodstained robes on Feng Xiao had been changed by Guan Xi Lin and Leng Hua. Perhaps because the coagulated blood in Feng Xiao's chest had been released, although he was still unconscious, however his breath was not as weak as before.

    "Little Feng, how was your father? Is... Is it life-threatening?" Old Man Feng walked to Feng Jiu's side and asked with worry.

    Feng Jiu took a sip of hot tea that Leng Hua had just served before answering: "Grandfather, do not worry. Presently, there is no danger. However, whether or not he is able to pass this critical stage all depends on tonight. If he has a high fever that does not go away, that might be dangerous."

    "What if there really is a high fever? What do we do?" Old Man Feng's face was pale and felt his heart strings tighten.

    "I will stay here and guard him tonight." She said softly and comforted him. "Grandfather, don't worry too much. Everything will be fine."

    Listening intently to her words, Old Man Feng was still worried that did not say anything further. He took out the two bottles of medicine and passed it to her. "This is what Manager Yan from the black market has passed us. This here is for internal injuries and this bottle here is a detoxifying. Can it be used?"

    Feng Jiu shook her head, "I have already given father a detoxifying pill as well as a nine revolutions pill. The medicinal effects are much stronger than these medicine here. There is no need for any other medications, you can keep these two bottles properly for yourself."

    Guan Xi Lin who was sitting by her side saw that she still had blood stains and she had yet to clean up. He urged her, "Little Jiu, I will stay here to keep an eye out, go back and change to some clean clothes first!"

    "Yes, Little Feng, go and have a change of fresh clothes first. Leave it to us."

    Old Man Feng saw her weary face and with a tinge of heartache, he coaxed: "You must have rushed here the moment you heard the news. Travelling back from the Peach Blossom Ridge in less than an hour. In addition, you've been treating your Father all this while. You must be exhausted, go back and freshen yourself up! We still have to depend on you later tonight."

    "Alright, I will come back here to rest later. " She smiled and stood up and just as she was about to leave, she paused. "Grandfather, keep the fact that I am back under wraps for now. I will discuss this further with you later."

    Old Man Feng nodded his head, "Grandfather knows, I've already sent instructions, you can rest assured,"

    Hearing his assurance, Feng Jiu went to her own courtyard...

    In the Palace

    "What? You said that the Manager of the black market personally delivered medicine over to Feng Xiao?" The moment Murong Bo heard the news, his voice went up a few decibels.

    Standing in the palace hall, Murong Yi Xuan's gaze paused on his father momentarily and nodded, "I asked Manager Yan about this matter and he told me that before the Ghost Doctor left, he told them to take good care of the Feng Residence."

    Murong Bo calmed his emotions and asked, "So that means that Feng Xiao is out of danger now?"

    "That...I do not know as I was not able to enter."

    Hearing this, Murong Bo stood up and sighed deeply, "It seems that I have to go in person, or else my heart won't be able to settle down."
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