320 A big name draws disaster

    Upon hearing this, Murong Yi Xuan was in deep thoughts before he looked up. "Imperial Father, I still think that it is still better for Imperial Father not going to go."

    "Hmm? Why is that so?" Murong Bo looked at him and asked.

    "Imperial Father, think about it. At this moment, General Feng is having a life and death crisis so the Feng Residence would definitely not accept any guest. Moreover, at this juncture, all the various forces and family clans will be paying special attention to the movements of the Feng Residence. Imperial Father has already expressed your concern by sending the doctors over earlier. Hence, Your Son feels that not an appropriate time to visit now."

    "What you mean is that, if I go, you're afraid that I would be suspected as the one who had assassinated Feng Xiao?" He raised his brows and his sharp gaze fell onto his son.

    Murong Yi Xuan did not answer directly but cupped his hands together and said: "Your Son just feels that is an inappropriate time for Imperial Father to visit the Feng Residence."

    After hearing his words, Murong Bo fell into contemplation and his line of sight stayed on him for a while before he shifted his gaze. "What you said sounds reasonable, since I'm not going, then you should head over to the storage room and choose some herbs and send them over, it could come in handy."

    "Yes." Murong Yi Xuan replied and let out a small sigh of relief as he saw his Imperial Father walk out in large strides.

    He looked at that departing back thoughtfully. His heart had an inkling of unease sprouting within and his face revealed a heavy expression.

    He only hoped that his guess was wrong. That he really had absolutely no hand in this matter, or else, the consequences might be unimaginable....

    As for the other side, at the Feng Residence

    In the room of Feng Xiao, Old Man Feng, Feng Jiu and Guan Xi Lin were seated around the table and discussing about the attack on Feng Xiao fervently. After careful elimination and analysis, the conclusion that they had derived was too unbelievable for Old Man Feng to accept.

    "No...No, it can't be! How can it possibly be? Maybe we guessed it wrong." Old Man Feng refused to accept the conclusion because it was simply inconceivable to him.

    Feng Jiu sighed and said, "With the strength of our Feng Residence, in the entire Sun Glory Country, not many dare to clash head on with us and make us their enemies. Not to mention, to have an assassination attempt happened right smack in the Imperial Capital, Cloudy Moon City. It makes it hard for me to think otherwise.."

    "Perhaps...perhaps it might be another country who had attempted to assassinate your father... Maybe...maybe.." Before he could even finish his sentence, he was interrupted curtly by Feng Jiu.

    "Yes, there is perhaps such a possibility. However, in recent years, there hasn't been any wars waged between the neighbouring countries. To suddenly assassinate my father, such a probability is too low. Hence, it is highly unlikely that this was done by another country."

    She paused for a moment before he continued her words: "The other possibility would be that to be able to firmly grasp father's behaviour and lifestyle, and to also injure him to such an extent, in the entire Cloudy Moon City, only a handful of people are able to achieve such a feat. I'm sure Grandfather, you should be well aware of this fact."

    "Although there were no useful clues left behind at the battle ground, but to have twenty to thirty experts of such level, other than the Ruler Murong Bo, who else can wield such power? Grandfather, don't forget since time immemorial, when the kings grow insecure once a great power other than them exists... Moreover, the might of our Feng Residence is indeed worthy of his drawing his attention. If he wants to weaken our Feng Residence, wouldn't he have a motive?"

    Her voice was faint, but every word had been spoken after careful analysis, every single point was pricking.

    There were such sayings 'A tall tree attracts the wind', 'a big name draws disaster' and 'so great is one's achievements as to make one's boss feel insecure'. What was happening to Feng Residence was an accurate depiction of these sayings.

    Old Man Feng remained silent for a long while, but his fist that was clenched tight had trembled slightly.It seemed to be restraining something as he took in a deep breath before exhaling out slowly. He looked at Feng Jiu sitting before him and the voice that sounded out was heavy and weariness was apparent...
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