322 Dead or alive

    At this moment, there was a knock on the door and the voice of Leng Shuang came from outside.


    "Come in."

    Both Feng Jiu and Guan Xi Lin walked to the table and sat while Leng Shuang, who was fully dressed in black, walked into the room with a tray.

    "Mistress, Young Master, this is the bird's nest porridge which Old Patriarch has specially ordered for you." She then put the two bowls in front of each of them and retreated to the side.

    "Has my grandfather fallen asleep?" Feng Jiu asked while eating the porridge.

    "Ah Hua it is taking care of him and said that he had already fallen asleep." Leng Shuang said and paused momentarily before saying: "Those eight leaders of the Feng guards have arrived and are waiting outside to meet with Mistress."

    After Feng Jiu finished the entire bowl of porridge, she moved it to the side and said, "Let them stay in the manor first, wait till I have time and will meet them then."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang replied and went out to relay her message.

    After that eight of them heard her words, they looked at each other first before leaving. The moment they heard the news of their Patriarch, they had rushed back immediately. They thought that their Young Miss was not in, they didn't expect that she had returned already.

    Just that, how was the situation of their Patriarch now? Has he passed the dangerous phase already?

    They walked out of the courtyard but did not walk far. Instead, they stood around like the other guards that were protecting the courtyard, standing guard in silence.

    This night, not only did Feng Jiu and the rest did not sleep, Murong Bo who was in the Palace was unable to fall asleep. He was worried the entire night and kept thinking about Feng Xiao. Has he died? Or was he still alive?

    Under the situation at that time, he had heard his voice. If he didn't die....

    Thinking of this, he stood up and paced back and forth restlessly. He could not stay still and could only look forward to the break of dawn to send someone to find out more news.

    His original plan was to send someone over tonight, however after listening to the strict security that the Feng Residence has placed, if he were to send someone to assassinate tonight, he was afraid he would arouse their suspicion.

    Only after thinking about it again and again that he put that idea away. Like them, Murong Yi Xuan was unable to catch any sleep. Today, he felt that there was something wrong with his Imperial Father's expression and that had roused his suspicion. He was afraid that the assassination attempt earlier today had something to do with him, if he really was related to this matter...

    No! He must have thought wrong, his Imperial Father would not do such an impulsive and reckless thing.

    However, there was a voice in his heart that told him that this was the cold hard truth. It was because if that assassination had been successful, Feng Xiao would have died then and everything would have fallen into his grasp. He had never expected that things didn't go as planned and such a worrying situation would unfold.

    The various powers in Cloudy Moon City were all thinking about this matter. What if Feng Xiao fell just like that? What would happen to the Feng Residence? If Feng Xiao fell just like that, would Feng Residence belong to the Imperial family or will it be absorbed by the side branch?

    After all, a Feng Residence without Feng Xiao would only leave an elderly old man and a sixteen years old Feng Qing Ge who wouldn't able to hold up the entire Feng Residence. What would be the outcome of the Feng Residence then? They were very curious that was why they were also very concerned about the life and death of Feng Xiao.

    The moment the day brightened, almost every family and power have sent people to enquire about the news...

    What surprised people was that there was no mournful cries coming out from the Feng Residence nor were there any white lanterns hung at the front of the gate. There was no news of Feng Xiao's demise at all.

    Does...does that mean that he is still alive?

    Other than suffering from such heavy injuries, he was poisoned as well. He actually managed to survive through all that?
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