542 Elder Yu Visits

    Early the next morning, on the streets and inside the inn, everything seemed normal. In the midst of the bustle, it was calm. The bloodshed in the street last night was like an illusion, there was no blood anywhere.

    The hawkers were setting up their stalls, drumming up business, beginning yet another busy day.

    As the day started, the Great Elder member of the Alchemist Guild met with the president of the Alchemist Guild at the inn. After inquiring around, they found out that Feng Jiu was staying at the five star inn, hence they arrived early in the morning.

    Yesterday, after she had left upon finishing her exam, The Great Elder member in the Alchemist Guild summoned them to see him. Even the president who was in the midst of refining was called to the meeting. Upon discussion, the three of them decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up not meeting the promising Ghost Doctor.

    It was rare for him to go to the Alchemist Guild to take an exam, and he even attained the Saint Rank Alchemist level. He was only sixteen years of age, in a few more years time, his skills would be even more outstanding. If they missed recruiting such a rare talent, they would definitely regret it in the future.

    Therefore, after their discussion, the great elder member and the president of the Alchemist Guild decided to personally pay him a visit. Their goal was to persuade Feng Jiu to become an elder member of the Alchemist Guild. They knew that in a few more years he would have more achievements and it would be much harder to get him to join the association.

    "Misters, the president of the Alchemist Guild is here to see the mister dressed in red."

    The manager brought the gentlemen inside, his heart was beating wildly. In all the years his inn had been open, this was the first time the Chairman of the Black Market had ever visited. And now the President of the Alchemist Guild had come with the Great Elder to visit the gentlemen dressed in red.

    Strange things happened every year, but there was especially more this year. His heart had been beating like mad ever since the gentlemen in red and his companions first came to his inn. However, if things kept going in this direction, he feared he would be sick.

    Gray Wolf and Shadow One did not recognise the Great Elder and the President of the Alchemist Guild. Therefore, when they heard the announcement of the visitors, they looked at the two people, not knowing whom was who.

    As Gray Wolf and Shadow One looked them over, the two people also looked back at them. Even though they two of them were dressed in guards attire, the energy from them was astounding. They couldn't help but felt alarmed.

    The Great Elder smiled and spoke: "My surname is Yu, this gentlemen is the President of our association. We have come today to discuss a matter with Little Jiu. Can you both please pass on the message."

    When he heard this, Gray Wolf replied: "Oh, so you are... Alchemist Yu!" He had wanted to say so you are the Old Yan Yu Master Feng spoke about, but decided not to.

    "Yes, it is me." The old man did not know the meaning behind his words, nor did he know what Feng Jiu had said about him after he got back, so he smiled and continued: "I wonder if Little Jiu is....."

    "Master Jiu! I think he went to bed a bit later last night and he has not woken up." Gray Wolf replied: "Why don't you both go downstairs to take a seat, I will go and inform....."

    Before he could finish his sentence, the bearded Ling Mo Han dressed in a black robe walked out of the room and glanced at the people outside the room briefly. His eyes fixed on Elder Yu and the President and asked: "Why are you looking for him?"

    "You are?"

    "He is our Master, and Master Jiu's ... um ...." Gray Wolf made a weird noise as he did not know how to finish his sentence.
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