323 In a vegetative state?

    Almost everyone was craning their necks as they looked at Feng Residence, hoping that there would be some news announced. However, if it wasn't any news that the Feng Residence deliberately released, it would be highly impossible to find out anything.

    It was because no matter if it was the guards or servants in the Feng Residence, they had all undergone strict checks upon hiring. It was also heard that they have a clear distinction between the inner and outer courtyards in the residence. Those who were working in the outer courtyards have no permission to enter the inner courtyard and can only wait in their own allocated areas.

    That was why if one wanted to find some news of the Feng Residence, one really had to wait till they themselves released the news, otherwise it would only be a fruitless attempt.

    However, Feng Xiao's attack was known by entire city and there were also doctors who had proclaimed that he would not live past the night. That was why, be it life or death, Feng Residence should soon pass out a message. They could only wait till then and hear the message first hand.

    This long-awaited message was only released at noon.

    "What? Feng Xiao did not die but fell into a coma? He is now in a vegetative state? How is that any different from being dead?

    "He did not die, it is because the black market had sent him some life-saving medicine that was able to preserve his life. But the poison had penetrated deep into his internal organs, in addition, the sternum was broken and his five viscera have been damaged which is why he fell into a coma. I heard that there might not be a chance for him to wake up."

    When he heard this, someone asked: "Is this real? If he really turned into a vegetable, then it might really be better to die instead!"

    "Isn't it? After all, he is the renowned general and is also an esteemed Martial Cultivator. Yet now, he has reached such a state. It really might be better to be dead than alive." Another person let out a sigh and shook his head with regret.

    "Sigh! If General Feng really falls, then I'm afraid that the only outcome for the Feng Residence would be..."

    Another person laughed when he heard this and said: "Whatever happens to the Feng Residence has also nothing to do with us! Such has been happening since ancient times, I'm guessing that as soon as this news spreads, the entire Feng Residence will be in a turmoil, especially so for the side branch."

    "The Feng Residence's side branch? This Feng Residence was originally different from other family clans. They had long separated from each other, even if there is a side branch, they should not be able to step a foot in at all?"

    "Ha ha, it's hard to say. Once Feng Xiao has fallen, there is only the elderly Old Patriarch Feng and their Young Miss. Not as if you do not know, doesn't that Old Patriarch have dementia? Although I haven't heard about any episode's recently, however will not know when it might occur again. Not to mention that their Young Miss is only sixteen years old and she does not have enough experience. Tell me, how can she support the entire Feng Residence? In my opinion, the troubles that the Feng Residence will experience are brewing and may blow up any time soon."

    "Oh, I beg to differ. Haven't that Young Miss Feng taken over the family? With the Feng Command Token in her hands, the Feng Guards will only listen to her orders. Tell me, who would dare to find trouble with them?"

    "Without any strength, who would obey a young lass? Who doesn't know that in this world, only the strong are respected? If there is no real strength, can chicken feathers be used to make arrows? You really are too naïve."

    Out here, everyone was fervently discussing. At the Palace, when Murong Bo heard the news, he felt the weight in his heart dissipate and his burden lifted. He sat on the Dragon Throne and asked the shadow guard: "Is this really true? That Feng Xiao has turned into a vegetable?"

    "This news is what your subordinate has gathered. As to whether or not it is true, that can't be determined because we are not able to get close to the Feng Residence." That shadow guard respectfully finished his report.

    Murong Bo stood up and started to pace back and forth the main hall. After a while, he strode out and said: "The two doctors are to follow this King out for a trip!"
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