324 Has she returned?

    As Feng Jiu had not slept a wink the whole night, she had let Old Man Feng take over her while she went back to her room to get some rest early in the morning.

    As for the news that were released, naturally it was what the three of them had discussed and agreed upon. Once this news was released, what would happen next? At this moment, they had no interest to pay any attention to it.

    That was why, after noon had passed, those hoards of people who were clamouring to visit Feng Xiao with herbs in hands came in waves and they left it all to Old Man Feng to deal with it.

    Those people were most probably trying to find out more about Feng Xiao's condition so Old Man Feng would definitely not let them all meet him. However, he did allow the steward to bring in a couple of people to visit the Feng Xiao who was unconscious.

    "Sigh! Old Patriarch, don't worry too much. At least Feng Xiao had managed to survive, even if he's in a coma, there's still a chance that he would wake up." One family clan's head spoke in a regretful tone and sighed again. He could only try to console the Old Patriarch in this manner.

    Another family head nodded his head and said: "That's right! If we have no skilled doctors in our country, we can always seek better skilled ones in other countries. Let's not mention the others but if you can find the Ghost Doctor and him treat General Feng, the chance of him waking up would be higher."

    "At this moment, I can only spread the news and seek famous doctors from all around, if we are able to find the Ghost Doctor, then I would be able to put my mind at ease. It would be taking a huge load off my mind, it's just that...now we're in such a predicament...sigh!" He sighed and shook his head helplessly, his face was full of sorrow.

    "Old Patriarch, the Ruler has arrived." The steward reported at the door.

    Old Man Feng immediately left the room to greet the Ruler, leaving Leng Hua to guard by the bedside. The two family clan heads looked at each other and immediately followed him out to send their greetings.

    "This old vassel greets the Ruler." Old Man Feng cupped his hands to greet, but before he could bow, Murong Bo stepped forward and supported him up.

    "Old Patriarch, there's no need for formalities, how is Feng Xiao?"

    After he had supported Old Man Feng up, he had immediately asked with a voice filled with concern. His expression was that of someone who was truly worried about his subordinates, filled with care and concern.

    Old Man Feng shook his head with red-rimmed eyes and with great sorrow, he replied: "Fortunately, the black market had sent us a life saving medicine. But even if this is the case, we only managed to preserve his life...he has been unconscious the whole time. I'm afraid...I'm afraid that he would never wake up." Speaking till here, his voice choked and he lifted his sleeves to wipe the tears from his eyes.

    "Don't be so anxious Old Patriarch, this King has brought two famous doctors here along Let them have a look at General Feng, they may be able to help."

    "This old vassel is extremely grateful." He cupped both hands together and after the two family clan heads had paid their respects to the Ruler, he invited all of them to enter together.

    Under the orders of the Ruler, the two doctors stepped forward and carefully examined Feng Xiao once again. The more they examined, the more surprised they were. When they had examined him yesterday, Feng Xiao was hanging by his last thread of life and they had both agreed and diagnosed that living past the night would require a miracle.

    However today, although there wasn't much of a difference in appearance from yesterday, however, his breathing was much stronger. It was obvious that his breathing was so shallow that it could have been snuffed out anytime but now, his breathing had stabilized. This made them feel amazed by the medicine that the black market had given. It was practically an elixir that could resurrect the dead! He was almost at death's door and he could actually make it back alive?

    The two of them stood up and walked to the Ruler and respectfully made their report. "Ruler, although General Feng has managed to preserve his life, however his internal injuries are too serious and the poison remains in his blood, hence, he's unable to wake up. If we are able to find the Ghost Doctor, that would be the day that he might wake up."

    "Oh? It's like that?"

    Murong Bo looked thoughtfully and turned to look at Old Man Feng and asked: "Such a major thing has happened to Feng Xiao, don't tell me that Qing Ge hasn't returned yet?"
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