326 Treatment through food!

    "Go to the outside of the courtyard to guard." Leng Shuang frowned when she saw that blue robed man.

    When he heard this, Luo Yu's eyes were sparkling with emotions and said: "Mistress did not instruct me to go outside to guard!" He glanced briefly at the closed door and beamed at her, "Rest assured, we are all on the same side."

    Leng Shuang's brows furrowed deeper when she saw him swagger to the middle of the courtyard and sat down by the table as he sipped at the tea and helped himself to the pastries. Thinking of the words her Mistress had left behind before she went in, she didn't tell him to go out again and let them guard the courtyard but did not let them approach the room.

    When the others saw this situation, they looked thoughtfully at Leng Shuang before their gaze rested at the door. They remained silent and started to contemplate.

    In the room, Feng Jiu was accompanied by Old Man Feng while Leng Hua was by the bedside and Feng Xiao was lying unconscious in bed.

    "Mistress." Leng Hua bowed down respectfully and retreated to the side.

    Feng Jiu sat down by the bed and took her father's pulse. She retrieved the silver needles from her space and immediately unsealed a few acupoints that she had sealed previously. It took about half a time it took to burn a stick of incense and the Feng Xiao who was originally unconscious began to stir and slowly opened his eyes.

    When Old Man Feng saw this, he was elated and he finally felt a huge wave of relief wash over him.

    This morning, Little Feng had already told him that he had already awoken but when he had came by, he had fallen asleep once again. The next thing he saw was her using some silver needles to skillfully prick some acupoints and render him unconscious. He remained in this state all throughout since then.

    At that time, although he did not personally witness him waking up, but he believed the words of Little Feng and also followed her instructions accordingly. Now, when he saw the unconscious Feng Xiao wake up, his excitement in his heart could not be contained.

    "Feng Xiao, you've really given us a huge scare!" Old Man Feng said while sobbing and he let out a sigh of relief after.

    Feng Xiao opened his mouth and tried to talk, however his breath was still very weak. His lips were moving but no sound came out.

    "Father, you can rest assured that your body will be able to recover well." Feng Jiu said softly, "Although your body's injuries are very heavy, the most important thing is that you've regained consciousness. As long as you recuperate well, you should be able to get off the bed in a month's time."

    He was most heavily injured at his chest and not to mention his five visceras were damaged. If not for her skill in medicine as well as her research towards pills and herbs, this kind of situation was indeed unsalvageable. However, with her skills coupled with her pill refining, he should be able to use a month's time to let him recover fifty to sixty percent.

    "This time is just right for the to get a good rest and recuperate. From today on, there shouldn't be anyone else coming to visit. Even if there is, no one is allowed to."

    "Yes, yes, yes. We'll listen to everything you say." Old Man Feng nodded his head again and again before he turned to leave instructions to block all visitors.

    At this time, two knocks resounded on the door and a figure came in.

    "Little Jiu, I've brought the porridge over." Guan Xi Lin brought in a small bowl and when he saw that Old Man Feng was here as well, he greeted him.

    When Old Man Feng heard that it was for Feng Xiao to eat, he could not help but ask: "Little Jiu, is your father able to eat porridge already? His chest is so heavily injured, I'm afraid..."

    Feng Jiu smiled sweetly as she took the bowl into her hands and scooped out a small spoonful. "This is the diet that I have specially prepared for father. His injuries are too severe, so we have to be careful with his medication. These meals all more mild and are very effective for his treatment."
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