328 Going against orders?

    That weird horse was definitely a spirit beast, but they could not identify what grade and what lineage it had. However, what they did know was that in such a situation, under the oppressive pressure and aura that they released, to be able to escape from the two of them was a commendable deed. They believe that it's grade should not be low.

    If they could get their hands on it, they would definitely tame it and let it be their mount. After all, that never seen such a spirit beast that could have such spiritual awareness and such high combative powers. After that fight that day the desire to own it had been embedded in their hearts.

    When he heard the words of the two, Murong Bo was startled and exclaimed: "You want that horse? From what I've heard, that horse called Old White was brought back by Feng Qing Ge when she went out to gain experience. If you want her to give it up, I'm afraid that it is quite impossible."

    From that day's battle, he could also tell that that horse was out of the ordinary. No matter what, two Martial Cultivators was sent flying from the kick of its hooves. Where could you find an ordinary horse with such an ability?

    It's just that as a Ruler of the country, to ask her to give up that horse was somewhat awkward and was something that could not be said out.

    "Feng Xiao has fallen, while the Feng residence has only that Old Patriarch Feng and Feng Qing Ge. Between these two, one is elderly age while the other is so little. Not to mention that old one has dementia and suffers from occasional memory loss. The little one has only that puny strength, given a few days, I'm afraid even their Feng Residence can't even be kept together. So what more of a mere horse?"

    "If it is difficult for the Ruler to make the request, why don't you wait for a while? I feel that once the Ruler makes his request, Feng Qing Ge would not dare to go against it. After all, Feng Xiao has fallen, the following days are different from the past."

    Listening to these words, Murong Bo's heart thumped wildly and his lips curled up. "Alright, then wait for some time. When there is a suitable opportunity, this King will gift that horse to you two."

    "We must first thank the Ruler." The two of them cupped their hands together and bowed, their faces were full of smiles.

    In their opinion, this matter was not difficult at all. Once Feng Xiao has fallen, wasn't the Feng Residence just a fat lamb waiting to be slaughtered? It's only a horse, at that time even if she wanted to protect it, I'm afraid she don't have the capabilities to!

    At the same time, although the eight Feng Guards were gathered at Feng Xiao's courtyard, however, their hearts were all focused behind that closed door.

    "What do you think? Do you think that Patriarch is really in a coma?" One of them asked, his face was filled with curiosity.

    "It should be, didn't the Ruler bring along two doctors to check? What's more, I heard that the Patriarch was severely injured this time round and it's his blessing that he had managed to preserve his life."

    "But why do I still feel that something isn't right? Or...why don't we go in an have a look?" One of them suggested and there was a hint of temptation in his tone.

    "I advise you lot to not harbour any thoughts. The Mistress has already explicitly given us the orders that without her permission, no one else is allowed to go in." Luo Yu who was leaning against a tree in the courtyard stared at them. Although his voice was faint, at this moment, there wasn't any hint of the usual jovialness on his face.

    "But we don't even know the situation of our own Patriarch, my heart is fraught with worry! Besides, Fan Lin's medical skills aren't too shabby, how about letting him in to see Patriarch's condition?"

    Fan Lin who was dressed in white was a man that exuded a gentleman's disposition. He contemplated for a while and said: "It's not good to go in without the permission of Young Miss and Old Patriarch. I still think it's best that we forget it. If we are meant to know, they would let us know. If we aren't meant to know, it's better for us not to know and it's best not to probe."

    The few of them nodded and agreed, only that man who was enthusiastic about this was slightly dissatisfied and he said: "What is this? Isn't it just going in and having a look? Since you guys do not dare to go in, then I'll just go in myself, alright? Anyway, as long as you guys do not say anything, Young Miss would not know."
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