332 You Can

    Seeing how anxious and eager they were, Feng Jiu lips curled up into a smile. "However, if you can win me, I will give up the token of authority."

    When they heard this, everyone was stunned and couldn't help but laugh out loud. One of the middle-aged man One of the middle-aged man laughed out loud as he said with undisguised contempt: "You? Are you kidding? Let's not mention myself, but even anyone amongst the younger generations are stronger than you."

    "Is that so?" She chuckled as she arched up her eyebrows slightly, looking every bit like a harmless little rabbit. "There is a training area in the manor, why don't we head over?"

    When she proposed this, everyone in the hall had agreed in a heartbeat.

    As such, they followed her and walked towards the training grounds was closest to the mountain behind.

    Along the way, only that old man's brows were slightly creased, and his eyes were fixated on her as he tried to explore her intentions. However, unfortunately for him, the lady in front of him only showed what she wanted and at this present moment, it was a harmless appearance and it made it hard for anyone to read any further.

    The people in the residence had also heard about this matter and everyone was discussing about it. However, as people of the Feng Residence, they had very strict regulations and hence even if they were in the residence discussing, they would not spread anything out. Because they knew about this matter, it had drawn the attention of many and they followed behind to take a look.

    After hearing about this matter, those eight Feng guard leaders were taken by surprise. "For real? Just Young Miss? She's competing against them? As far as I know, there are indeed a few talents in the side branch. There is one who just entered the ranks of a Martial Cultivator last month, if Young Miss fights against him, wouldn't it just be delivering the token authority to his hands?"

    "Young Miss should not be this kind of person, since she has proposed this, she surely possess the means and confidence to win them."

    "Ah! How is it possible? Based on just her strength? Stop kidding around." One person waved his hands in jest, his face had the word 'unbelievable' written all over it.

    It was only Luo Yu whose eyes lit up after hearing the news, and with one arm hanging over Fan Lin's shoulders, he said with excitement: "Go, go, go. Hurry up, let's go and see how our Mistress straighten these ignorant fools and put them back in their place! As I've told you, as you guys haven't traded any blows with her before, all I can say is that meeting her can only spell misfortune. The lot of you do not believe in her skills? It's rare that we have such a chance to see it, come on, we can't miss it!"

    As soon as he finished speaking, he dragged Fan Lin away towards the training grounds.

    The others saw that and hesitated for a moment before following behind and headed towards the training grounds.

    The shadow guards who were guarding the courtyard felt stifled in their chest. They had really wanted to follow along and have a look. Unfortunately, they had to stay and guard in this courtyard and were unable to leave.

    When the news of this reached the ears of Old Patriarch Feng who was in Feng Xiao's room, he did not say anything. He was most clear about Little Feng, if she did not have the confidence, she would not do this. He's guessing that this was her method of 'killing the chicken to scare the monkeys'.

    Those people from the side branch were also too much. They were simply asking for a lesson, they really knew how to choose such impeccable timing. It was truly too disappointing!

    Initially, he still harboured some thoughts of asking Leng Hua to pass a message to her and ask her to be lenient with them. However after thinking about it, he decided against it.

    If there were no lessons stained with blood, these people would never give up and would have no fear. Just let her have her own way then!

    At the training grounds, there were quite a number of guards that had surrounded the arena to spectate, however, the steward had them dismissed. They all dispersed and in the end, there were only ten of those from the side branch, the few leaders of the Feng guards as well as Leng Shuang and the steward gathered.

    "Cousin, my father said that I'll be the one representing, lest people said that he was bullying the weak." A young man stepped forward as his brows arched up in arrogance.

    However, Feng Jiu simply glanced at him and shook her head: "You can't."*to punish an individual as an example to others.
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