335 Worry for Naugh

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and sneered and with a one filled with ridicule, she said: "Familial ties? You dare to talk to me about familial ties? Do you really think that once my Father has fallen, my Feng Residence is easily bullied? Want to take over my Feng Family? You actually think that you are worthy?"

    Hearing these words, the colour on the faces of the side branch changed and alternated. Seeing how she no longer concealed anything and her words were sharp and indifferent, it was at this moment that they finally realized that she had been toying with them since the beginning!

    She never had the intention to let them enter the Feng Family! She never had the intention to let them take charge of the Feng Residence! She was just deliberately humiliating them!

    "Hah! A very good Feng Qing Ge! Good! Very good!"

    The middle-aged man was agitated and filled with rage to the point that he gnashed his teeth and handed his injured son to the person behind him. With huge strides, he angrily berated her: "Today, let me discipline you well on behalf of Feng Xiao!"

    When they saw the middle-aged man walk towards her, the faces of the eight Feng Guards changed immediately: "That is the man from the side branch that had just reached the ranks of Martial Cultivator last month. No matter how skilled Young Miss is, her merits are only her her quick wits and agility. I'm afraid if she meets him head-on, she'll suffer."

    "Let's go forward to help! To dare act so brazenly in our Feng Residence?! Hmph! They simply have a death wish to actually dare bully our Young Miss on our site? Hah!"

    "Yes, are we just decorations?"

    "Let's go!"

    The few of them shouted out and just as they were about to go forward, Leng Shuang came over and blocked their path.

    "Don't add any extra trouble for Mistress."

    Leng Shuang's cold voice coupled with her indifferent expression made her look every bit like an ice beauty. With her slim silhouette and the fitting black robes added a touch of coldness and without the gentleness of a lady, she was chilling to the extreme.

    "He has reached the ranks of a Martial Cultivator, can Mistress handle it?" After the words rolled out of his mouth, Luo Yu was stunned momentarily as an unfathomable thought flashed through his mind.

    Leng Shuang had stayed by her Mistress' side for a long time and had some basic understanding of her. If the Mistress couldn't handle it, she would be the first to rush out, but now she came over to stop them, it could only mean that....

    The strength of the Mistress is high enough to be able to deal with that middle-aged man who has reached the ranks of a Martial Cultivator?

    Damn! Was this even possible?!

    Thinking of this, he couldn't help but sucked in a cold breath as his enquiring gaze trailed over to the figure in white.

    They had seen her dressed in red; it was enchanting and mesmerizing. It had a kind of lure and reflected an air of arrogance and at the same time, it exuded confidence and it was as if a glow of nobility shrouded her. Now that she was dressed in white, the first impression it gave was a gentle and docile temperament, like a harmless meek sheep.

    However, this was only the illusion it gave, or else that young man wouldn't be in such a sorry state right now.

    Just the thought of her landing that last hit, a few people shuddered as they gulped their saliva and subconsciously clamped their legs together.

    Worried about her? Perhaps they were just worrywarts, and just worried for naught.

    As for Feng Jiu who was standing with the wooden pole behind her back, when she saw that middle-aged man approach her with a palm strike directed at her face, she arched an eyebrow and tossed the wooden pole away. She used her bare hands and directly attacked as she buckled his wrist with a strange speed.

    Below, her leg swiftly moved as her body whizzed by in a flash and the wrist that was buckled was twisted deftly and a loud ka-cha sounded out. The other hand grabbed his shoulder and tugged his entire arm as another series of bone cracking sounds rang out in succession.


    There was no sudden warning when a wave of excruciating pain suddenly assaulted him and that middle-aged man cried out pitifully, however, he was more shocked and horrified than anything.....
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