336 Dumbfounded

    Amidst his blood curdling screams, surrounding him was the sound of people sucking in their breaths. The crowd widened their eyes and looked at the scene unfold before them incredulously. If they had not witnessed this with their own eyes, they would never ever believe that a Martial Cultivator would actually... would actually be defeated into such a sorry state just like that.


    The middle-aged man was kicked at the back of his knees, his legs were forcefully brought down to a kneel, his body was pushed forward and the buckled arm was twisted and pressed firmly behind his back. The pain was so intense that he was covered by a layer of cold sweat. He tried to struggle to stand up but it was just a fruitless endeavour.

    The people from the side branch were dumbfounded!

    The eight Feng guards were also stunned! This was simply too perversive!

    With such skills and such strength who dared to say that she could not support the entire Feng Residence? Who still dared to claim to help her run Feng Residence?

    The hearts of everyone around them trembled. The hearts of the people from the side branch trembled with fear, never would they have ever imagined that Feng Qing Ge had such strange skills. She could even subdue a Martial Cultivator with just one move! With such strength, if they still said the words they had said previously, it was simply overestimating their abilities.

    On the other hand, the hearts of the Feng guards were trembling with excitement, they were exhilarated that she had such skills! In their view, only a person with such outstanding talent was worthy to be their master!

    Amongst all the people present, that old man from the side branch was the one who suffered from the most shock. He looked at her with a horrified gaze, perhaps others could not see it but he had seen everything clearly. She could have easily taken his life at that moment, but she didn't and she had only twisted his arm and restrain him. She had already shown mercy to them.

    He quickly thought that if they did not share the same family name, storming into the Feng Residence forcefully and trying to wrestle the power away, I'm afraid that they would all be buried here this very day!

    When he thought of this, trepidation crept into his heart and his entire back was drenched with cold sweat. While he was busy fumbling with the walking stick in his hand to ensure that he didn't slip, the other hand grabbed onto another man who was similarly stunned. He quickly quipped, "Hurry, quickly bring him back. Let's... Let's go!"

    However, at this moment, no one dared to step forward again. They all stood there stunned as they looked apprehensively at the peerless lady who stood before them.

    "Let me go! Let me go!"

    The middle-aged man who was held down was struggling and screaming madly. It was at this very next moment when he saw her chop her hand at his back as he let out a muffled groan, he fell into a dead faint on to the ground.

    Feng Jiu's cold and indifferent gaze swept by all the people of the side branch before she said in a warning tone: "This is the first and last time. As descendants of the Feng family, you should act like one. If such a thing were to ever happen again, I would not mind erasing your side branch entirely from the Feng family!"

    Hearing her severe warning, the people from the side branch felt that their hearts had almost leapt out, as an unwavering determination had been set in stone in their hearts. No one doubted her words because they could see from her moves that she was definitely not a person who was sentimental about familial ties.

    If there was ever a 'next time', they believe that she would definitely do what she had said today and totally let the side branch disappear!

    The old man took a deep breath as he tried to suppress his fear in his heart. "I understand, I will manage the people of the side branch well. Such a thing would never happen again."

    After hearing his affirmation, Feng Jiu's lips curled up she said, "Steward, send them out."
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