337 Ghost Doctor’s Portrai

    "Yes." The steward replied respectfully and walked before the side branch before he led them out.

    Seeing them leave with their tails between their legs, their faces ashened, Luo Yu couldn't help but laugh out with glee. He walked towards Feng Jiu with big strides and said fawningly: "Mistress, I've just found out that you actually treat me very well."

    Feng Jiu raise an eyebrow she looked at him with a meaningful smile. Her line of sight passed by the few others before she walked out on the training grounds.

    Seeing that she did not talk to him, Luo Yu simply thickened his skin and followed behind.

    In the training grounds, everything was calm after they had left and now only the seven Feng guards remained.

    "What do you guys think? With her strength and capabilities, do you think she is qualified to be our Mistress?" Fan Lin smiled as he looked at the people around him.

    A few of them were lost in thoughts, when one of them finally spoke out: "Miss' performance is really beyond our expectations, if she is really such a woman, there is no problem taking over the Feng guards."

    "That's right, the way she handled everything was impeccable. Her style of handing things is very resolute, she is not soft and is firm when she needs to be. Having such boldness and courage is not what an average person is capable of."

    "Mmm, I think so as well. There wasn't much chance for us to come into contact with her the last time, however this time round, a lot could be seen. I feel that she is like a sleeping tiger, absolutely ferocious when she strikes!"

    "However, we've been back for so long already yet she had ever left any instructions or orders. It's as if we are transparent, could it be that she is not satisfied us?" Qi Kang asked with concern.

    At this moment, he was thinking if she had already found out what had happened that day?

    "It's useless to think too much, come on, let's go!"

    Several of them looked at each other before they walked back. In their hearts they had an inkling, perhaps it wasn't whether or not she was qualified to be their Mistress but it was her considering if they were qualified to be her subordinates.

    In a distant kingdom, the black robed man came into the room of Grey Wolf, and quietly left after presenting a message.

    Sitting by the table and drinking tea, Shadow One glanced at it and asked with curiosity, "Could it be news that the Master had asked for?"

    "Yes, the day that Ghost Doctor left, wasn't Master not able to find him because he was caught up in something? After that, he had me to investigate his whereabouts and it was only recently that there was news." Grey Wolf muttered as he picked up the bag with the intention to have a look at the information.

    "There was no news in Green Gallop Country, under Master's guidance, he asked me to send someone to Sun Glory Country to snoop around. Could this be that the news is finally here?"

    "Ninth grade country? Why would Ghost Doctor go there?" Shadow One furrowed his brows, from his opinion, how could Ghost Doctor be from such a small country? After all, a ninth grade country could not possibly produce such an Alchemist with such a high calibre.

    "How would I know? Master didn't say anything, he only asked me to send someone to Sun Glory Country to check things out." Speaking till here, he took out the information from the bag.

    The first thing right at the top was a painting of a person, the person in this portrait was dressed in a resplendent red robe, the face outstanding and that pair of eyes filled with wisdom and it was drawn so vividly that it looked as if the person staring right at them. It had on a cheeky expression, with lips curled up in a devilish smile. Who else could this be but the Ghost Doctor that had been drawn out to such minute details.

    Grey Wolf was holding onto this portrait as he shook his head and lamented: "Look at this, Master is truly lovesick down to his marrows! If you ask me to paint a portrait of Ghost Doctor, I could never draw out such a lifelike painting! Look, Master even managed to draw out his charm. If you say that Master do not have Ghost Doctor in his heart, I would never believe it!"
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