340 A good woman fears being tangled by her husband

    Hearing his words, Hell's Lord raised his head and looked at him, his handsome and masculine face was unperturbed. Such a countenance did not lack anything, but once his expression darkens, it made people feel awe.

    Grey Wolf smiled embarrassedly and said: "That... Your subordinate had read through the information and realised that Ghost Doctor is actually a woman. That is why this subordinate thinks that... Ghost Doctor is such an outstanding lady and if Master is not around her, I am afraid that she would be snatched away by other men."

    Hell's Lord leaned back against the chair with both hands crossed and glared at him. His sexy lips curled up into a dangerous smile and in a magnetic low voice, he said, "Oh? So you think that this Lord would lose to other men? Or are you implying that she would be easily hooked by others?"


    Hearing these words, Shadow One was kneeling on the ground trembled momentarily and quickly lowered his head. Does this mean that Master is treating all men who are close to Ghost Doctor as men with the intention to seduce her? However, it seems that the one who had been trying to seduce Ghost Doctor was only Master himself ah!

    However even if this was true, these were words that he would never dare say out.

    When Grey Wolf heard his question, the corner of his mouth twitched and he smiled awkwardly and said: "This... This was not what your subordinate means. It's just that as the old saying goes 'A good woman fears being tangled by her husband'. No matter how good a woman is, or how cold she is, her defences would be broken down after being relentlessly pursued by a man. What I am trying to say is that persistence is key and she might be drawn subconsciously under such method.

    When he heard this, the Hell's Lord's eyes sparkled as a glint of enlightenment flashed by his eyes. He looked at Grey Wolf and said: "What you mean is that this Lord just needs to learn this 'tangle' and I don't have to worry that I won't be able to abduct her?"


    At this moment, Shadow One no longer had any more courage to look up. He really wanted to say that Master had been inflicted by Ghost Doctor's love poison and it was too deep in his marrows that words such as 'hook' and 'abduct' could actually be said out from his most respected and noble Master's mouth.

    Moreover, listening to his tone, it seems that he had the intention to implement it...

    At this moment, he could not help but raised his head and looked at Grey Wolf.

    He only felt that he was making a mess and stirring up more chaos with all these ridiculous suggestions.He really could not fathom how his most respected Master who was usually domineering and at times arrogant would steep to relentlessly pursue a woman, and even had plans to abduct her...

    With the complete opposite reaction of Shadow One, Grey Wolf was very excited. After hearing the words of his master, his pair of eyes were shining as he said in a sly manner: "Not bad, not bad. Master, a woman needs to be tangled but not entangled. To tangle a woman, one needs some skills. There are ways to get around, some women are stubborn and refuse to give in while some are just testing to see how much attention that man is willing to give her."

    "Moreover, with Master's qualification, it's only Ghost Doctor that your charm isn't working on, if it was any other woman, would Master need to resort to 'tangle'? With just one glance, one sentence, there would be a lot of women throwing themselves onto you."

    Hell's Lord took a quick glance at him, and in his heart he lamented: Even Grey Wolf could see that that woman did not find him attractive at all and his charm was useless against her.

    After thinking about it, he waved his hand and said, "The two of you can leave first."

    Grey Wolf who was riled up at this moment wanted to ask when they go and find Ghost Doctor but he was dragged out by Shadow One.

    "Your subordinates will be leaving."

    Shadow One said respectfully and immediately dragged Grey Wolf along with him.

    Looking at the two figures who departed, a glint flashed by Hell's Lord eyes as he looked at the portrait in his hand. The person in the painting had on lively pair of eyes and the smirk carried a hint of mischief in it. The longer he looked at it, he felt as if there was a feather in his heart tickling him.

    His fingertips gently touched the little face of the person in the painting and in a low voice, he whispered with a smile: "Little thing, you can't run away..."
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