341 Left a courtyard for you


    Feng Jiu who was currently in the midst of filling the bottle up with medicinal powder suddenly sneezed, she rubbed her nose and muttered to herself: "Who is thinking of me?"

    When the words came out, she smiled and shook her head. She felt incredulous that she had such a thought. After all, all those that would think of her were already by her side.

    "Little Jiu."

    Guan Xi Lin walked in with large strides, his face was exuberant as he said: "My place has been renovated, there are quite a number of things that I have asked people to do. The auspicious date for moving in has also been chosen, it will be three days later."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu also shared his joy as she smiled and said, "Really? That's great! All this time that I've been back, I haven't had a chance to take a look. Come, accompany me to have a look at your new place." She handed the bottle in her hand to Leng Shuang who stood behind her.

    "This is the medicine for my father's wounds. Bring it over and let Leng Hua help him to redress his wound. Also inform my grandfather that I have gone to my brother's place to have a look." Several days had passed and her father was recovering very well. His spirit was also good hence she had left the changing of the dressing to Leng Hua.

    "Yes." Leng Shuang acknowledged and brought the bottle of medicine towards the courtyard of Feng Xiao.

    "Let's go." Guan Xi Lin said with an enthusiasm and brought her to the Guan house that he had built up with his own hands.

    The two houses were extremely close to each other. The moment they walked out of the gate, they could already see the big mansion. When they came to the front of the gate, Feng Jiu stopped in her tracks as she raised her head and looked up.

    Guan Xi Lin who was by a side saw that her gaze had landed on that plaque which was covered with a red cloth. He smiled and said, "I've asked grandfather to advise on the words, wait till I have officially moved in then I will uncover it. Come, let's go in and have a look."

    "Mmn." She replied with a smile and walked into the mansion with him.

    "Master, Miss."

    There were a few servants cleaning up and a steward inside and when they saw them, they quickly put down all the things as they came over to pay their respects.

    "Don't worry, continue what you are doing." Guan Xi Lin waved his hands in dismissal and walked in with Feng Jiu as he introduced the various places and explained the sources of inspiration.

    "Look, this is the East Courtyard, this will be where I will be staying. This courtyard is the largest, there is sufficient space for me to practice my boxing. I have even asked people to install a wooden stake for training, oh yeah, let me bring you to your courtyard."

    "Why did you leave a courtyard for me?" She looked at him, stunned.

    "Of course, you're my sister, how can I not leave a courtyard for you? You have to know that Feng Residence is your house, this too is your home. There is always a place for you in this home." He grinned happily and continued, "I know that you like to have a quiet surrounding. That is why I had especially left this South Courtyard for you."

    Hearing his words, Feng Jiu felt that her heart was warm and she smiled cheerfully, "Thank you brother."

    "We are family, what is there to thank?" He laughed loudly and let her to the South Courtyard.

    "It's so big?"

    Seeing that he had left her the entire South Courtyard, she could not help but feel surprised. Normally, other than the main courtyard, the other three courtyards usually had smaller courtyards within. However, he had left the entire courtyard for her and even tore down the smaller courtyards and rebuilt it into one large one for her. It was only slightly smaller than her current one in the Feng Residence.

    "You can live here comfortably, look there, I've even asked people to build a swing for you. I've also planted two rows of peach trees, one on each side. In the future, not only are there peaches to eat, you can also appreciate the beautiful peach blossoms. Not bad, right?"
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