342 Invitation of the Guan Manor

    "Mm hmm, the courtyard is very big and very beautiful as well. But, Brother, leaving such a huge place for me, wouldn't it be very wasted if I don't stay here?" Feng Residence and the Guan Mansion were so close by, there wasn't much a difference staying here or there. It would be a real waste if she didn't come by and stay.

    "No problem, anyway it's just me living here, leaving it doesn't matter." He waved his hand, without paying it any heed.

    Hearing this, she laughed out and said: "In the future when you meet the person of your heart, and you'll have a few kids. It won't be just you alone then."

    "Ha ha ha, that'll be a long time away! Not to mention, I don't have such thoughts at the moment." He chortled as he placed his two hands on his hips and he looked at his mansion with pride. "I've always wanted to build a place that belongs to me, a Guan Manor that has me in it. I finally have a home, when I find my parents next time, I can bring them home."

    Feng Jiu looked at him and when she saw that his face had on a deep longing and filled with expectations, she could not help but say: "Brother will be sure to find them!" That was his wish and the one thing that he had most wanted to do. She believed that as long as he had this unwavering will, there was nothing that could not be done!

    It's like how he had personally built a new home for himself, there was no one to help him and he had achieved everything by himself, all while relying on his own strong will!

    Guan Xi Lin was stood there was all smiles. Suddenly, he thought of something and hurriedly said to her: "Oh yeah, Little Jiu, I still need to find Grandfather to discuss some things about moving in three days later, there are still a lot of things and procedures that I do not know. Whom do I need to invite to move in and more, I still need to discuss all these with him."

    "Let's go then! Grandfather is now in my father's courtyard." She laughed and went with him as they made their way to her father's courtyard.

    With the assistance from Old Man Feng, he had a guest list, on it were mainly various family clans and influential people. This was necessary for him to get recognised by all the various powers so that he could establish a foothold for himself for his own Guan Clan. It was to declare that from now onwards, he would be part of the Cloudy Moon City and become one of them.

    Even if this was just a small family clan, however, with his own strength, there would be no doubt that it would be one that was not to be trifled with!

    On this day, Guan Xi Lin had his men send those invitations to the various family clans and forces in the city to celebrate with him, the official moving in to his new residence and there would be a banquet prepared for them.

    It could be said then when those people who received his invitations,each of their reactions were different. Each of them had their own thoughts, but one thing that did not differ was certain; Having received the invitation of Guan Xi Lin, should they attend? Or should they not?

    This Guan Xi Lin could be considered quite a person, it was incredible for someone so young to be able to establish a clan that was his own. It could be said that his growth in the past year had been nothing short but amazing, hence his development was extremely valued.

    If they could build some good relations with him, it could be quite a harvest, it's just....

    They all knew that Guan Xi Lin was the adopted son of Feng Xiao. If Feng Xiao had sent the invitations before that incident, they would have accepted the invitation in a heartbeat and prepare for the celebration lavishly. However, now that things have progressed to such a stage, the status of Feng Residence has also turned and it was now in a precarious situation with the news of Feng Xiao. They were truly in a dilemma now that they've received this invitation and were still apprehensive as they wrecked their brains.
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