343 Prepare A Gift!

    Facing this problem was not just one or two families who were hesitant. One of Cloudy Moon City's mid sized family clan was in the midst of a meeting with their elders as they were discussing this matter. When they heard that they had been invited, the several elders had their eyebrows furrowed.

    The family head held the invite in his hands and looked at an old man seated to his left and asked: "Great Elder, what do you think of this matter? Should we attend this? Or should we not?"

    That old man stroked his long white beard and glanced at the red invitation and said: "This Guan Xi Lin is establishing a clan, however it is but a small one. It cannot be compared to the various powers that have their roots here in Cloudy Moon City, so even if we do not attend, it shouldn't pose much of a problem...but...."

    His voice paused momentarily and continued: "This Guan Xi Lin is a very promising young man that has a lot of prospects, he hasn't been very conspicuous but we can't say that for the long run. Even if we take away his own strength, and just look at it based on his close relationship with the Feng Family. This is already sufficient to have his Guan Family gain a firm foothold in this city, that is why, Family Head, I'd advise you to find out from the other family clans on their plans before coming to a conclusion. It wouldn't be too late to decide then!"

    "Mmn, Great Elder's words are justified." The family head nodded in agreement and beckoned to ask his subordinates to enquire around.

    On the other side, when they heard that Guan Xi Lin had a new manor built and he was going to establish a new Guan Family clan three days later, everyone in the Guan Family all had on an ugly expression on their faces. At this time, the entire atmosphere in the Guan Manor was extremely gloomy and stifling.

    "I didn't expect that brash and stupid boy actually grew so fast, how long has it been only? He actually has the ability to build an entire manor!" One middle-aged man grumbled sullenly, obviously feeling jealous over Guan Xi Lin's achievement and at the same time, there was also a hint of envy in his heart.

    "Bah! He has already cut of ties with us and has acknowledged Feng Xiao as his Foster Father, tell me, how would the Feng Residence not help him?"

    The head of the family sat on the main seat with a sullen expression, after he heard these words, he spoke up after deliberating for a long time: "I'm not sure if Feng Family has helped him in anyway but he does have some skill, or else he wouldn't be able to hold the title of the first in the black market's yellow ranking list."

    Thinking back on all the ugly past that they had with him, this person even took the initiative to cut of all ties with them. Initially, they still thought that he would run back like a beaten dog and beg them to take him back in. Who knew, he had actually recognized Feng Xiao as his Foster Father and now, he's even going to establish his own Guan Clan.

    Regardless whether the clan is big or small, to be able to achieve such a feat at such a young age was indeed remarkable.

    "Elderly Family Patriarch is here!"

    The steward's voice resounded and everyone glanced at each other and quickly stood up to greet him.

    When the elderly man walked in with his walking stick, everyone's gaze rested on him as he returned their gazes with a sharp look and eventually fell onto the Family Head.

    Guan Family Head came forward to support him and led his to his seat and asked: "Father, why have you come?"

    "Let me ask you, did Xi Lin send an invitation over?"

    When they heard his words, everyone in the hall looked at each other and lowered their heads.

    "No." Guan Family Head's voice sounded a little strained. It seemed like he had not expected his Father to care about this matter.

    When he heard that the invitation had not arrived, old Guan Family Patriarch furrowed his brows and kept quiet for a moment before he said: "Even if there isn't any, when you attend his celebration of his new manor, you better prepare a proper gift!"
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