345 Ghost Doctor sends gifts!

    "Please." Feng Jiu turned back as she gave Murong Yi Xuan a quick glance before she made a gesture to invite him in.

    Murong Yi Xuan smiled slightly and he then stepped in.

    Just as Guan Xi Lin was about to step in, from the corner of his eyes, he saw a carriage stopping in front of the gate. When the carriage door opened and the person stepped out, the original smile on his face disappeared entirely.

    The person who alighted from the carriage was old Guan Family Patriarch, which was his grandfather. But the moment he had stepped out of that place, he no longer had any ties with him.

    For this housewarming celebration, he hadn't sent any invite over. In his opinion, they were ruthless to him so he no longer needed to be cordial with them.

    "Xi Lin, I am here to present you with a gift, congratulations on your new home." Old Guan Family Patriarch came over with a walking stick an elderly man who followed closely behind him stepped up to present the gift.

    "There's no need."

    His voice was chilly and he looked at the old man without any expression on his face as he said: "This is such a tiny and humble abode, I do not dare to accept your gift." He said curtly as he cupped his hands together and without sparing them another look, he turned and walked in with big strides.

    Seeing this, old Guan Family Patriarch sighed heavily as he lamented: "It's all my fault! It's all my fault!"

    The elderly man who was holding onto the gift saw this and advised: "Elderly Guan Family Patriarch, let's go back." It was an expected outcome, but he still wanted to personally verify it. Perhaps, the heart of the old man was unwilling to recognise this fact that Guan Xi Lin no longer had anything to do with the Guan Family anymore.

    "Let's go." He let out another sorrowful sigh as took one long look at the gates before him. His heart was filled with emotions and he could only leave with regret as he sat in the carriage dejected.

    No one saw that at the corner of the street, a woman was looking from a distance, staring at the gates in stupor. She wasn't just anyone, she was Ke Xin Ya who had broken off the engagement with Guan Xi Lin.

    The man whom she had belittled had established a clan all by himself with his own hands, so what if it was a small clan? No matter what, to achieve such a feat at such a young age was remarkable.

    Her heart was bitter, if she knew that there would be such a day, why did she do such a thing then?

    If she had not annulled their engagement, the man who became so outstanding, such a mature and remarkable man would have been hers. And this Guan Family, half of it would also be hers, but now....

    The more she thought about it in her heart, the more uncomfortable she felt, however, there was nothing that she could do and could only turn to leave.

    The atmosphere in Guan Manor was lively and bustling with activities. Because Guan Xi Lin was holding a cup of wine in his hands and going from table to table to toast with the guests, everyone was laughing and making merry. It was boisterous and filled with laughter. It was at this moment when the steward rushed in, his face was flushed with unconcealed excitement and surprise.

    "Master, Ghost Doctor has sent gifts!"

    The moment his words were said out, the entire banquet became silent and on everyone's face was a look of disbelief. After coming back to their senses, they then turned to look at Guan Xi Lin. The look they gave him now was different than before, at this moment, countless thoughts crossed the minds of these people.

    This Guan Xi Lin has relations with Ghost Doctor?

    Ghost Doctor would actually send people to specially deliver gifts to Guan Xi Lin to congratulate him?

    Guan Xi Lin put the cup of wine down after a short moment and looked at the two elderly men who came bearing the gifts. He had recognised at first glance that they were people from the black market.

    "How are you here?" Manager Yan from the black market stood up in surprise.

    The two of them just nodded their heads in acknowledgement to Manager Yan before they cupped their hands together towards Guan Xi Lin and said: "Young Master Guan, we have been given the task of sending you gifts on behalf of Ghost Doctor."

    The moment they finished speaking, two exquisite boxes were placed before him. It had aroused everybody's curiosity towards the contents of the boxes.

    What did Ghost Doctor send?!
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