346 Stop bothering about my things!

    For a moment, everybody's curious glances landed on Guan Xi Lin's body. Since Ghost Doctor is skilled in alchemy, the gifts that he sent should be some elixirs and the like?

    However, Guan Xi Lin did not want everyone to know what was inside as he ordered his people to receive the gifts and take them away. He then greeted and invited the two elderly men to take a seat and personally poured them each a cup of wine in respect. Afterall, these two men were not easy to meet in the black market. If not for his relationship with Ghost Doctor, there would be no way that he could personally meet such grand characters, not to even mention for them to personally deliver gifts.

    Following his greetings, everybody around laughed and raised their ups and continued to drink once again. However, in everyone's heart, they all had a single thought: Coming here today was the correct choice!

    To be able to know someone related to Ghost Doctor would not be bad for them.

    During the banquet, everyone tried to deepen their relationship with Guan Xi Lin, there were also some who tried to enquire on the situation of Feng Xiao from Feng Jiu. And as for Murong Yi Xuan who was seated at the same table as Feng Jiu, he looked at her from time to time, trying to find an opportunity to talk to her.

    It was at this moment when Feng Jiu stood up and excused herself from the table and Murong Yi Xuan similarly got up and followed after her....

    When Feng Jiu was walking back, he was seated at the pavilion next to the rock garden and when she saw this, she only took one glance at him and withdrew her gaze as she made her way forward. However, after a few steps, she was blocked by him.

    "Is there something?" She had a frown on as she looked at him standing in her way.

    "Qing Ge, the marriage that my Imperial Father bestowed you, I'm sure you know about it by now?" His eyes fell on her beautiful face, it was the same familiar face, however, the expression shown were totally different. However, he could not deny that it still attracted his gaze.

    "Marriage?" She raised her brows and sneered, "Did I agree to it?"

    Hearing this, his heart felt a weight lifted off as a sense of relief washed over him. "I will try my best to persuade my Imperial Father to rescind back this decree, you shouldn't need to worry too much about it."

    In his opinion, even if she hadn't agreed, and if his Imperial Father refused to rescind back his decree, he was afraid this marriage would not be able to proceed. Afterall, Green Gallop Country was a sixth ranked country and it was something that their Sun Glory Country could not be compared to in all regards. Sometimes, the harsh reality was that they didn't have many rights and this was precisely the difference in strength.

    In this world, no matter where one was, only the strength could represent everything. For her, a beautiful woman that could bring nations down, if she didn't have the Feng Residence behind her, she wouldn't have been able to live so freely with her appearance.

    Feng Jiu smiled and replied curtly: "My matters have nothing to do with you. It's best you don't interfere." She walked forward and halted just as she passed him and said: "As for my marriage, except myself, no one else can make the decision for me."

    Murong Yi Xuan was stunned momentarily and turned his head to look and only saw that she had already walked much further ahead and could only look at her departing silhouette.

    Each step she took was so composed, so elegant and very leisure. It was as if she had not even put that matter in her eyes....

    Seeing that she was full of confidence and unperturbed, he felt very lost then. He did not know when it had started, that gentle person in his memories was gone, and the person that stood before him felt unfamiliar. It was as if they could no longer return to the past and could never be together again. On the contrary, the distance between the two of them seemed to have grown farther and farther...

    "Qing Ge, what should I do with you?"

    He whispered in a low voice, with pain and helplessness in his eyes. He was trying his best to let go, but he could not....
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