348 With a woman around, everything is easily accomplished!

    "Let's go! Come, let's go for a round." She patted its head lightly and led it to the stables and saddled up. Just as she was about to bring Old White out, she saw Ball Ball who was initially perched at the top of the rock at the Rock Garden stood up immediately and leapt right into her embrace.

    "You want to go out as well?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at the little fluff ball in her embrace.

    "Alright then! But there are some rules, when we are out, you aren't allowed to run about on your own." She ruffled Ball Ball's fur with one hand before she held the reins and led Old White out the gates. She jumped onto Old White's back, leaned forward and valiantly galloped out into the suburbs.

    As it was close to the evening, Feng Jiu did not stay out too long. After a round, she returned and took a bath before she entered her space and cultivated all through the night until the first break of dawn.

    After she washed up, she headed to her father's courtyard and when she entered it, she took a quick glance around the surroundings. When she saw that the several Feng Guards were all there, she revealed a satisfied smile and spoke a few words to Leng Shuang who stood behind her before heading into the room.

    "Mistress." Leng Hua immediately stood up and greeted her when he saw her enter.


    She responded and walked in to the bedside with a huge smile pasted on her face: "Father, how are you feeling today?"

    "Everything is fine, just that my chest still hurts whenever I take into deep breath." After this incident, Feng Xiao had lost a lot of weight.

    "Let me have a look."

    She sat by the bed and opened his top to check his wounds around his chest. She then took his pulse and only after long while did she speak. "The wounds on the chest are the most serious, although you've taken medication, however a full recovery still requires a longer time. Wait till grandfather's back, I will then make a trip out to the Nine Entrapment Woods to find a few herbs to make an appointment for you to apply. This will speed up the recovery process."

    "Nine Entrapment Woods?"

    Feng Xiao was stunned and shook his head fervently: "No, you can't. That place is too dangerous, how can a girl go to such a place? Iif there is a need for any herbs, we can just buy them. There is no need to take such a risk."

    "Don't worry, nothing will happen. I've been there before and am rather familiar with it. Moreover, most of herbs can be purchased except for one." Perhaps to others, Nine Entrapment Woods was a place fraught with danger, but to her, the place was simply a treasure trove.

    That was the place where Little Phoenix was picked up from, that was where she first met her Big Brother and also that Uncle...

    Thinking back on how that Uncle was actually the sullen Hell's Lord, she pursed her lips.

    When the two of them had accidentally touched each other's lips, he fainted immediately. When they were in Green Gallop Country, his strange behaviour... And he even wanted to kiss her?

    When she thought of this, her whole expression changed suddenly and a strange feeling flashed by her heart.

    Looking at his daughter who had been lost in her own thoughts, Feng Xiao smiled and without saying a word, he quietly watched her with his heart full of pride.

    This was his daughter, she had always been spectacular... Just that... he did not know what kind of man would be able to match up to her?

    Although he hoped that she would be able to marry well, but just the thought of his own daughter who had grown up by side all through the years becoming someone else's family... as a father, his heart was bubbling with sourness. Mmn, thinking that the engagement between Murong Yi Xuan and her had been annulled, it could be considered as a blessing in disguise. This way, she could spend a few more years by his side.

    However, the Ruler's edict on that marriage to that Green Gallop Country's Crown Prince had been on hold for a long time. Although they had expressed their dissatisfaction, he really did not know how things would unfold. This thought made his heart fraught with worry.
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