349 Searching for herbs

    Feng Jiu accompanied her Father the whole morning and only as it was approaching noon did she see her grandfather come back.

    "Little Feng, Grandfather has already dealt with everything." Old Man Feng walked in with a smile on his face, and he came to the table and poured himself a cup of water before he walked to the bed. Seeing that Feng Xiao was seated up against the bed in good spirits, he walked to the chair and sat down with relief.

    "Grandfather, did the Ruler make things difficult for you?" Feng Jiu looked at him with apprehension. Although the command token had been handed over, however, the power that their Feng Residence held was still not to be underestimated. Most probably the Ruler would still not leave them alone entirely.

    "No, he didn't. After handing over the command token, he looked pretty happy. Why would he make things difficult for an old block like me? It's only some of the old ones kept asking me to stay, and kept persuading me to change my mind. They belong to the first generation so they know how loyal our Feng Residence is to Sun Glory... it's just... sigh!" Old Man Feng let out a huge sigh, it could be seen how disappointed he was towards Murong Bo.

    They had spent more than half their lives guarding Sun Glory Country for him and yet what was the end result? He actually wanted to kill his son and even wanted to marry off his granddaughter to be someone's side concubine.

    Side concubine? The title granted may have been one rank higher than other concubines and it still sounded pretty nice, but it couldn't change the fact that it was still a concubine.

    His Feng Residence's precious pearl was to be someone else's concubine? No matter what position she was bequeathed, not any man could match his precious pearl!

    "Well, since we've already handed over our command token, let's not care about their matters anymore. Grandfather, I've got something to tell you. I would like to go to the Nine Entrapment Woods to find a few herbs for Father. I will leave the matters of the Residence to you." After she had handed over the matters over, she thought for a bit and did some calculations in her head and counted the time needed and felt that half a month would be sufficient.

    "Nine Entrapment Woods?!" Old Man Feng furrowed his brows and rebuked: "That place isn't safe for a lone girl to travel to! Can you just buy whatever herbs you want instead of going by yourself?"

    Seeing that he had spoken the exact same words as her Father, she could not help but laugh out. "No, it can't be bought, because it is in the deepest recesses of medicinal soil and even the black market don't have it. Moreover, only I know where to find it, that's why I have to personally make this trip."

    "But not to worry, I'm very familiar with the Nine Entrapment Woods, there won't be any danger at all. I've already made my calculations, the longest I'll take would be half a month. If any faster, it could take about ten days and I'll be back."

    Hearing her words, Old Man Feng gave it some thought and finally relented. "If that's the case, then bring a few of the Feng Guards along. With them around, at least we'll be more assured."

    She shook her head and replied, "There's no need. I, alone am enough. I'll be faster on my own and not to mention, Father is still injured. We can't afford to take away any manpower. Let the few of them guard the residence, lest something unexpected happens."

    "Well then, at least ask Xi Lin to accompany you."

    "Grandfather, I'm no longer a child. I've already said that I won't be in any danger so there won't be. As for Big Brother, I still need to have him take care of you all for me. Or else, I wouldn't rest assured if I'm not around!"

    "But..." Old Man Feng still wanted to continue but he was interrupted.

    "No more buts already, Grandfather, you have to trust me."

    She smiled wryly and without giving them a chance to say anything more, she quickly said: "I'm going to tell my Big Brother about it now, I'll go prepare and once everything is ready, I'll depart."

    "This lass...!" Old Man Feng shook his head helplessly and did not say anything anymore.

    "Forget it, just leave it to her! Since she said that there wouldn't be any problem, then there wouldn't be any. But it's best if she brings Old White along, no matter what, Old White is afterall a spirit beast and it's battle prowess rivals peak martial cultivators. With Old White around, if something happens, it'll at least be able to help her."

    "Mmn, you're right. Take a rest first and I'll go talk to her about it." Old Man Feng quickly got up to find her.
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