351 Leaving the city in disguise

    On the inside, Luo Yu was bitterly looking at Feng Jiu who was walking leisurely in front of him: "Mistress, we are only going out for a bit, but why are we dressed like... beggars?"

    He pulled at the old and tattered clothes he had on as he wriggled a finger through a hole. He was wondering which servant in the residence did these rags belong to. He looked at his hair to have been wrangled to a huge mess, it looked like a bird's nest, those who don't know him would think that he hadn't washed his hair for ages!

    There is also his suave and handsome face which had been smeared grey by his Mistress, it couldn't be any uglier. He looked down and saw his shoes, with also no idea where it was picked up from, with a wriggle of his toes, a few stuck out.

    In this sorry state, he looked even more pitiful than all the beggars in Cloudy Moon City.

    He looked at his Mistress who was in front of him, similarly dressed in rags. The only bit that was better than him, was that her hair was not so messy. However, her face was also covered with soot but her eyes were sparkling and were rather eye-catching.

    Seeing that she had quickened the pace, yet she could still hum a tune from time to time, the corner of his lips could not help but twitch. He really never expected that there was such a side to his Mistress.

    Usually when one goes one, they would dress themselves up nice and presentable! Only his wonderful Mistress is the complete opposite.

    "This is the only way to not arouse any attention, and to not draw any trouble." She turned back and smiled at him with her crescent eyes. This expression coupled with the pearly white teeth, no matter how one looked, did not seem to belong to a beggar.

    Seeing this, he let out a sigh and said, "Mistress, you are peerless and unmatched, no matter how you disguise, you don't look like a beggar."

    "That's why, I only changed the clothes a little and didn't dress as a beggar!" She smiled and said, "Walk faster! Let's not tarry in the city any longer!"

    "Yes." He replied helplessly and quickened his pace to follow her.

    However, after a while, he noticed that something was wrong.

    Looking at the person in front who was leading didn't seem to be panting at all, not even a drop of perspiration on the face! But they weren't even out of Cloudy Moon City and he was already panting and gasping for air, his entire back was drenched in sweat!

    How was she walking? How did it look like she was so close yet he could never catch up to her?

    "Huuu! Mistress! Mistress...wait for me!" He raised his hand to wipe off the sweat on his forehead as he called out to her in a low voice.

    Feng Jiu who was in front stopped in her tracks as she turned back and saw that he was out of breath. She couldn't help but raise her eyebrows and asked: "What? You're tired already? It looks like your physical strength and stamina is only so-so."

    Hearing these words, Luo Yu blinked momentarily and wanted to shout out loud: It's not my physical strength that I'm lacking but it's you that's way too perverse!

    But in the end, he took in a few deep breaths slowly and said: "Mistress, why don't we hire a carriage? Wouldn't that way be more efficient? That would be faster than walking? At this speed, we won't know when we will ever reach."

    From here to the Nine Entrapment Woods would take around three days, if they were to really rely on their legs and go by foot, it would take an even longer time. Wouldn't going to and fro take up a huge chunk of their time?

    However, Feng Jiu just smiled when she heard him. She glanced at him and simply said: "You only need to just follow." The moment she finished speaking, she continued on walking.

    Luo Yu could only follow behind her helplessly, he really did not know what she was up to.

    Until the two of them left Cloudy Moon City and at a remote place where there was no one else around, Feng Jiu flipped her hand and a little ship appeared on her palm. She threw it out in front and it grew in size before the two of them. Luo Yu who was panting heavily while gasping for air just looked at the entire scene with wide eyes, he was so shocked that he didn't even scream out.... He just watched on incredulously with pure shock and awe... in silence.
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