352 Travelling by air!

    "Damn me! Wha...what is this?!

    His eyes were wide open with a face filled with disbelief, he looked at the little ship turning bigger and bigger until it reached the size that could accommodate two people did it stop. He took a step forward and looked at the ship before him while he touched it and marvelled at it.

    "What kind of ship is this? What kind of material is it made of? How have I not seen such a material before? This is so refined, it looks like there's a room even? It can't be? Is it just part of the decoration?"

    Watching him whizz about the craft in amazement as he seemingly touched every part of it in marvel and curiosity as he tried to study it. Feng Jiu could not help but let out a laugh as she shook her head and boarded it.

    "What are you doing? Come on up quickly."

    "Mistress...is this..this a airship? Is this really a airship?"

    He was looking at her with sparkling eyes as he looked at her with awe. "Mistress has a airship! Whoa! That's too incredible!"

    The moment he spoke, he jumped in and looked left and right in excitement, it was like a child who had discovered a treasure.

    Feng Jiu retrieved a spirit stone from her space and placed it in a small recess in the the bow and the entire airship slowly floated up. For this airship, other than using a spirit stone, spirit energy could also be used. After recognizing the ownership, with a thought, it could be controlled and flying was a breeze.

    The moment the airship flew up, Luo Yu was stunned and he was so surprised that he quickly sat down. His curiosity took over and he peeked out and he excitedly exclaimed: "Ha ha ha! I never expected that there would be a day that I, Luo Yu, would have a chance to sit in a airship!"

    Hearing his words, Feng Jiu pursed her lips and quietly closed her eyes as she sat down to start cultivating.

    As for Luo Yu, he was enthusiastically looking down at the scenery, until it flew higher and higher, the excitement on his face gradually disappeared. It turned whiter and whiter as he looked down and felt dizzy, as if he was going to plunge down any moment.

    He looked at Feng Jiu and quickly followed her and sat in the lotus position to meditate and after retrieving some water out of his cosmos sack, he took several big sips. Feeling much more composed and better after this, his curiosity took over once again as he looked around with novelty. He then realized that there was a protective cover.

    Under the protective cover, the wind did not blow in. It was breezy and calm inside, he could only hear the whistling sound of the wind from outside. Because of the high altitude, the white clouds seemed to be at his fingertips and the town below looked like small specks of dots, but the scenery below was so beautiful and charming....

    Under the flight of the airship, the initial three days of travelling time taken by a carriage was reduced drastically to merely a day. Before the break of dawn, they had already reached the boundary of the Nine Entrapment Woods.

    Feng Jiu maneuvered the airship and brought it to a remote place without anyone around and flipped her palm to keep the airship. Seeing that day had not yet broken, she said to Luo Yu: "Let's wait till daybreak before we head in. Let's find something to eat first!"

    "Mistress, why don't we go over there? Beneath that tree would be cooler." Luo Yu pointed out to a location not far from where they were and walked by her side and took out some dry provisions from his cosmos sack.

    "Mistress, I have some pastries here."

    He picked out the broken bits for himself and served her the pastries. He looked at her in astonishment and asked: "Mistress, I see that this airship seems to have a room, is it just for show or can it be used? Can this airship be even bigger?

    What he had wanted to ask was actually, Mistress, how do you have a airship? What relationship do you have with Ghost Doctor? Even the Ruler doesn't own one but his Mistress does. Moreover, it wasn't just any airship, it was such a luxurious one that it could not help but draw his curiosity. How much more secrets does she hold?
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