571 The plan

    His voice rang out again, "It's better to be guided by a great teacher in the academy than to practice alone. But remember, don't become a formal apprentice to any masters."

    Even though Feng Jiu was baffled to hear that he didn't want her to become a formal student to a master, she didn't ask much. It was difficult to make her acknowledge a master since she had a rather high standard. Ordinary people would not get her attention at all.

    "Mm, I got it." She agreed. When she thought about learning at the academy and being a student again, she felt a sudden burst of excitement.

    However, after a pause, she asked with a somewhat odd expression. "Do you think it's good for me to be a student? Shouldn't I be an instructor?" For sure, she would be an instructor in the field of medicine. Additionally, her level in medicine was more than enough to be an instructor at the Six Star Academy.

    He fixed a profound gaze at her. His deep voice drawled out, "Tall trees will be destroyed by the wind. There are too many strong people in this world. It's far beyond what people can understand now. On the day you enter the Six Star Academy, restrain your halo. You'd better keep your identities secret."

    Hearing his solemn tone and instructive words, Feng Jiu curbed her playful manner and put on a resolute look. She nodded, "Mm, I know. You can rest assured! Although I often do as I wish and occasionally a little narcissistic, I understand this point."

    What could be done? What couldn't be done? She had her own ideas.

    About an hour later, Old Patriarch Feng came to them. After learning that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was the powerful man who helped the Feng clan, he wanted to bow with gratitude. However, Xuanyuan Mo Ze wanted to win the affection of the Feng clan, so he didn't dare to accept his salute.

    He brought Gray Wolf and Shadow One with him, saying that he had something to take care of and would return late. Then they quickly departed from Old Patriarch Feng's sight, so that he could not give him a salute.

    "Grandfather, that's unnecessary. Just treat him as one of my peers. He didn't dare to accept your salute." Feng Jiu laughed and sat down with him in the pavilion.

    "Does he like you? The way he looks at you was not very proper." Although Old Patriarch Feng was advanced in age, his eyes were very sharp. He caught their unusual relationship at a glance.

    Feng Jiu's lips curved up and she glanced at him helplessly. "Grandfather, don't talk about me. Let's talk about Aunt Su Xi!"

    Old Patriarch Feng turned shy at once. His elderly face turned red and embarrassed. "That, that Little Feng! This, this..."

    "Grandfather, you don't have to be embarrassed. The age gap between you two is not so steep. It's just that Aunt has preserved her appearance at its peak. I tell you, I've known about the two of you for a long time. Aunt Su Xi is a rare woman. Grandfather, don't let our family down."

    "Yes, I know." He nodded. He felt ashamed to be lectured by his granddaughter.

    "I plan to help you to advance with medicinal pills after returning to the Phoenix Empire. As long as you enter the rank of Martial Sage, you can be several decades younger, right? My idea is not bad, right?" She looked at him with a smile. With Grandfather's cultivation talent and her elixirs, it should be easy to enter Martial Sage.

    Old Patriarch Feng was grateful. His granddaughter planned it thoroughly for him. What else could he say?

    He held out his hand and patted her hand. His eyes were red. "Little Feng, thank you."
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