353 Sudden Disappearance

    Feng Jiu looked at him in the eye and said, "This airship can be bigger or smaller, the things on the ship naturally would be able to become bigger and non are redundant." She paused for a moment and in a firm tone, she continued: "About the matter on the airship, after leaving this place, forget all about it. Lest it brings trouble."

    "Yes, your subordinate knows." He replied in a determined tone. If the Ruler was to find out that she had an airship, he would definitely find all means and ways to get it. Afterall, such an artifact wasn't easily attainable.

    She no longer continued on this subject and neither did he. Both of them sat there quietly and ate until the sunlight pierced through the clouds and illuminated the lands.

    Luo Yu stood up and scanned his surroundings and asked hesitantly: "Mistress, Nine Entrapment Woods is known for its dangers, however it shouldn't be free of people. We've been here for quite some time, how is it that not a single person has passed by?"

    "It's not like I'm a regular here, how would I know?" She rolled her eyes as she stood up and started to make her way in. Suddenly, she heard a noise from above and looked up into the sky.

    She saw a few cultivators who were riding on flying swords and flew directly into the Nine Entrapment Woods. The speed was so fast that they only heard a gust of wind passing over the top of their heads, and then the surroundings once again returned to a calm.

    "Immortal Cultivators! I don't know which country they're from." Luo Yu said with a hint of envy: "How nice it would be if we could also ride on our swords." Thinking of the feeling of flying on the sword, just the thought of it made him feel invigorated.

    When she heard him, she let out a smile and said: "Once you reach the level of the Martial Ancestor, won't you be able to ride on a sword as well? Well, hurry and cultivate more diligently then you'll be able to soar the skies and fly on your sword like them as well."

    "Even if I reach the ranks of a Martial Ancestor, I still need to have the incantation for a flying sword ah! Besides, I am now only in the mid rank of the Martial Lord stage, and it is estimated that it will take several more years to advance to the peak."

    In fact, their cultivation speed was already considered very fast. After all, even those family clan heads were only the ranks of martial ancestors. To have such strength among the younger generation itself was already outstanding on its own.

    Feng Jiu glanced at him, and when she saw that he had on a contented expression, she smiled and didn't say anything else. She simply accelerated her pace and went forward.

    Seeing this, Luo Yu picked up his speed and followed her in. Two figures whizzed straight into the depths of the Nine Entrapment Woods and did not waste time at the fringe...

    In the evening, the two had already entered the inner depths but because the sky had started to darken, they stopped and rested under a tree.

    "Mistress, please rest here. I will go hunt for dinner." Luo Yu said as he got up and walked away.

    "Be careful, don't go too far."

    Feng Jiu said as she looked at the direction where he left. She took out some herbs picked up along the way and sorted them out. Might as well make some medicines for self defense.

    But by the time the sky had darkened considerably, only after she had refined a few medicines, did she notice that Luo Yu had not returned. At this time, she felt that things were not quite right. She kept away the bottles of medicines and stood up to take a look around.

    At first, she didn't care too much, because this was just the beginning of the inner region. Even if there was any danger, with Luo Yu's skill, there shouldn't be any problem. However, what was going on now? He actually disappeared without any trace.

    She closed her eyes and released her spirit intent. Sure enough, the places where she swept by could not sense Luo Yu's breath. She opened her eyes and narrowed them slightly while her brows were furrowed.

    What happened?

    Her heart was puzzled and she whispered softly to herself: "Fortunately, I was prepared for a 'just in case'." She immediately went in the direction where Luo Yu departed.
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