354 A strange voice!

    As the sky darkened, she walked alone in the forest. She was surrounded by the sound of insects, the whistling of the wind and the the rustling of the leaves as they swayed from side to side. The moon was still hidden behind the clouds, but in the middle of the dark forest, there were many sparkling white specks on the ground.

    That was the scale powder that she had sprinkled onto Luo Yu. It wasn't visible during the day but it would be especially conspicuous at night. Although she didn't know where he went or what had happened, but as long as she followed this trail, she should be able to find him.

    She only hoped that when she found him, as long as he was alive, all is good.


    After walking for quite some time, she was slightly startled when she felt the cold night breeze blow by - all her hair stood on ends. She paused for a moment before she picked up a broken branch and lit it up. Using the flames to illuminate the path before her, she could see her surroundings better.

    According to her experience, she had been to the Nine Entrapment Woods before and there shouldn't be any strange happenings or anything dangerous. However, after following the trail of the scale powder, she realized that she was being led in deeper and deeper in.

    Moreover, looking at the scale powder on the ground, it didn't look like Luo Yu had engaged in any combat as the distribution was very consistent. It was very natural and no traces of any fighting or struggles.


    All of a sudden, there was a soft yet distant voice that echoed into her ears. It was like a mother's gentle voice and it made her relax her vigilance. It seemed to have a hypnotic power imbued in it as it destroyed her will and her eyes gradually blurred and the pace of her footsteps slowed down as she walked forward step by step monotonously.


    It was as if an aura had gently enveloped her in a cocoon. In a daze, it seemed as if there was a pair of hands beckoning her, as a gentle voice called out to her and led her...

    Everything around her seemed to have blurred and her mind became blank as her entire person just stared at the front in stupor as her body moved on its own towards the voice that kept echoing in her ear...

    Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her arm. Her heart was shocked and she suddenly stopped in her tracks as she felt her consciousness return to her. She saw that her arm had been cut by the branches at the side. With the light from the flickering flames, she could see that fresh blood was flowing from that cut and it was precisely this stinging pain that had brought her back to her senses.

    When she realized what had happened, her heart sank and her expression turned grave.

    That was was too strange, it could actually confuse her senses and made her lose perception? It just...what was that? A person? Or a ....ghost?

    She was on high alert as she scanned her surroundings. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, however, there was that voice that she couldn't identify where it came from.


    This time, she actually saw a wisp of green flames jumping in front as it came before her. That voice...it seemed to be emitted from the green flame that was flickering right before her.

    For a moment, her thoughts were racing in her mind. The last time she was here there wasn't a semblance of any ghostly encounters, why would such a thing happen this time round? It even had the ability to confuse a person's heart, well, since things have already progressed to this stage, why don't she just see what this ghostly green wisp would lead her to?

    It was also at this moment that she was very certain that Luo Yu's disappearance was definitely related to this wisp and strange voice.

    She would like to see, who's the person who's playing such a trick in the Nine Entrapment Woods, pretending to be a ghost and all!
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