355 Fire Phoenix Awakens!

    Making her decision in a flash, she continued to have a on a 'dazed expression' as she followed the voice. What made her most shocked was that the entire time that she had been following this voice, she had not encountered a single beast and the surroundings was unusually quiet.

    She fell into deep contemplation. What could be so dangerous that could make all the ferocious beasts in this Nine Entrapment Woods avoid? What kind of massive ability did one need to achieve this?

    She thought back to the beginning of the day, when they had just entered these woods, she had seen a few Immortal Cultivators who were flying on swords and entered the Nine Entrapment Woods. Although it was only a glance, but she could also see the cultivation level of the few of them and she could tell that they were strong cultivators that had already entered the ranks of the Golden Core.

    Golden Core experts, if it was a ninth ranked small country, just the existence of one Golden Core Expert could flatten the entire country with just a casual stomp of his feet! One has to know that those ancestors in the big family clans in the Green Gallop Country were the only few who possessed such strength.

    That was why she had guessed in her heart that those Golden Core experts who had entered the Nine Entrapment Woods earlier were from at least a sixth ranked country.

    It's just ....why would people from such powers come to such a small country like theirs?

    Pressing down the doubts in her heart, she continued to follow that voice for another three hours. Just as she saw the green wisp rush forward on the path ahead, an angry voice resounded.

    She was just about to take another step forward when the angry voice of the little Fire Phoenix which was mixed with a tinge of worry and concern echoed in her mind.

    "Foolish woman! You can't go any further, it's too dangerous!"

    "Little Fire? You're awake?" She was stunned and stopped momentarily as she conversed with him in her mind.

    "Of course, or else how am I talking with you?"

    The little Fire Phoenix who was in her space said in an arrogant tone as it's tender and haughty voice once again sounded out in a stern warning: "You can't go any further, it isn't something that you can cope with your current strength."

    When she heard this, she paused and narrowed her eyes as she said: "Luo Yu should be just up ahead, I cannot just leave him be. I was the one who brought him out so I have to bear this responsibility."

    When the little Fire Phoenix in her space heard her words, he hopped in anger as he berated her: "Foolish woman! Did you not hear what I just said? It's very dangerous! To have me say that something is dangerous only means that it is dangerous! Since you know that there is danger ahead, why do you still jump in, have you gone totally stupid?"

    From his perspective, Luo Yu was only a subordinate and his life and death was negligible. So what if he died? He wasn't even worth anything in his eyes, however, it was different for this woman. She had a contract with him and was his Mistress. They were intricately linked and if she lost her life here, he would not survive either.

    Moreover, in his view, a master dying for the subordinate was definitely something only a fool would do. It was simply not worthwhile and that was something that even a fool might not do!

    However, looking at this foolish woman, she did not seem to place his words in her heart. Was she really planning to rush to her death?

    Thinking of this, there was a burst of fire in his heart. Why did she make him so worried the moment he awoken? Although he was an Ancient Sacred Beast, he was only an infant that had yet to mature! Such matters would not usually need him to be worried about.

    He just couldn't help it.

    Feng Jiu listened to his anxious words and she slowly narrowed her eyes, in faint voice, she said to him: "Little Fire, if it was you who was in this situation instead, I would also spare no effort to save you. Even if I know that it's dangerous, I can't just watch at the side without doing anything."

    When he heard her words, the little Fire Phoenix was shocked. He was stunned for a while and sat in her space in a daze. The original anger and anxiety in his heart seemed to have disapitated with her words and on it's delicate face, there was a strange expression.

    His face was scrunched up as he pouted and said in a soft tone: "Then... you better be careful."
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