356 Strange Blood Array

    When she heard his words, her lips hooked up slightly and revealed a smile: "Mmn, I will." Because she knew that the opponent was very strong, she would be extra vigilant.

    "I've just woken up but my powers have not fully awoken, so I might not be able to help you." He sounded a little awkward when he spoke this time round.

    "Mmn, got it, it doesn't matter, if I'm not able to defeat my opponent, I'll just grab Luo Yu and run."

    She only intended to save the person and escape. She had no intention to fight at all. Therefore, after making her decision, she continued to follow the voice.

    When the green wisp suddenly jumped right in front of her and lit ablaze, she was startled and felt that things may be more difficult that she had thought.

    In the large open space in front of her, there was a boundary barrier. She did not know where all the blood came from as she saw fresh blood swirling about like a protective enchantment.

    There was so much blood but for her who was standing outside, she could not smell a tinge of blood at all. She could only see that within the boundary barrier, there were dozens of these green wisps that were jumping about. Painful wails emanated out from these green wisps and it was an extremely strange sight and seeing such a scene in the midst of the night made anyone who saw this very uncomfortable.

    In the darkness of the night, there were only these green wisps which illuminated the surroundings. She could clearly see the figures in the centre.

    Sitting in the middle of the large open space was an old man with dishevelled hair, his thin and wrinkled face looked like a withered barkand there was a series of flowing blood lines that appeared on that skinny face of his, looking extremely creepy.

    He wore a large black robe that bellowed in the wind. Around him, there were skulls that were covered in fresh blood placed in a circle. Above him, a dark aura of death was visible and it was strong enough to give her a strong sense of crisis.

    It was as if there was a voice telling her that she could not go forward, she should not take a step further, otherwise, she would definitely die here!

    And the few Immortal Cultivators whose faces were looked mortified and indignant were the very same four people she saw when they entered the woods this morning. However, at this time, they had all fallen on the ground and their aura seemed to be draining and flowing out. Their faces were pale, and the words spoken were also weak and it looked like they could not move at all. Just beside them, there were also other people.

    They seem to have lost consciousness and were sitting on their knees with a dull gaze, looking at the front like a puppet. Above each of them, there was a green wisp hovering around them.

    Luo Yu was amongst them.


    A woman with long hair dressed in a blood red robe appeared quietly in front of her and the pale face that suddenly popped up in her face did not have a trace of blood but her lips were glaringly red. A pair of slanted eyes that were filled with a chilly yin aura stared right at her. That made anyone who looked at her have their hair stand on ends.

    Just at that moment, she almost reacted, but she fervently suppressed the urge to bolt. She endured the horror and shock that came from the bottom of her heart. She looked dazedly at the woman's beckoning hand as she walked closer towards that bloody boundary barrier....step by step...
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