357 Dazed


    That blood red robed woman was moving backwards, as her pale hands were beckoning Feng Jiu towards her, her slanted eyes fixated on her as if trying to pry deep into her soul.

    Perhaps it was the self confidence in her own ability that she had no doubts and would never expect that the girl who was following her like a puppet was actually out of her control. Afterall, in her eyes, a person dressed like one from the slums was insignificant in her eyes.

    In her perspective, this girl was just like the others, they were all here to sacrifice themselves for her, there could be no exception.

    Feng Jiu continued walking on in a daze, as if she had lost her soul but she was actually secretly scanning the surroundings. She found that the strange withered old man was not the least bit concerned about her arrival and did not cast any attention on her at all.

    He did not even bother to take a look at her and it was obvious that he did not put her in his eyes at all. In this regard, she felt a little more at ease in her heart. That old man should be an expert at the peak of the Golden Core and if he had paid attention to her, she wasn't that confident that she could tide over the situation at hand.

    After entering this boundary barrier, a burst of rancid blood stench assaulted her nostrils and she had almost vomited out of reflex. A feeling of nausea swept over her and she discovered that the pungent smell was actually emanated from the ground and it was extremely unpleasant. To have such a degree of stench, it led her to wonder...how many bodies were buried under?

    That blood red robed woman led her to one place and after affirming that Feng Jiu had stood still in the position, she floated away like a feather. She followed the rest and sat down like everyone else without any expression on her face. She took a quick glance around and saw the blood red robed woman's two feet had not touched the ground and she was really floating off the ground.


    Well, if she wasn't a ghost, how would you explain her appearing out of nowhere?

    After making some calculations in her heart, she knew that she could not win against that old man who was at the peak of the Golden Core stage. However, if it was just to escape with Luo Yu, it shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Another variable that she had noticed was that other than those four Golden Core experts, the others seem to have totally lost their own sense of self.

    And that withered old man and that female ghost seem to be waiting for something and did not start to do anything with those people.

    Although they hadn't started anything, it didn't mean that they had no intention to. Every single cell in her body was screaming out danger.

    Just as she was thinking of means and ways to bring Luo Yu away, she heard the raging laughter from the four Golden Core experts.

    "Hah, we've known each other for so many years, never in my life would I have expected that you would even scheme against us! We were really blind!"

    "You've embarked on the evil path, even if you pass this tribulation, you would never succeed for long!"

    "Hahahahaha, my few dear friends, sacrificing your own life to extend mine can be considered your greatest blessing. Afterall, the few of you do not have much more years left in your life, using those remaining years to add on to mine, isn't that much better?"

    That withered old man was laughing in a devious manner, his voice was filled with coldness.

    Oh, so they were actually tricked into coming here and was betrayed?

    Feng Jiu just casually looked at the few of them with one of condolence and she didn't bother about them any further. She had a strong premonition that as it got deeper into the night, the blood in the enchantment became more and more intense and the atmosphere became more oppressive. She knew that she could not wait any longer.

    Hence, as soon as she gritted her teeth, she stood up immediately and swooshed to the front of the dazed Luo Yu and pulled him up with one hand, while the other hand swiftly covered his nose and mouth.

    This sudden scene made the four Golden Core experts gape and look in stupefaction....
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