577 Did something happen?

    "Mm, don't worry, Grandfather. I'll send someone to let him know."

    "That's good then. I'm leaving first." Then he stepped out, getting ready to cultivate in seclusion.

    Looking at his departing figure, Feng Jiu asked, "Father, on the matter of Grandfather's wedding, do you have any plans to send notices to neighbouring countries and some influential families in the city?"

    "Of course, it's the Old Patriarch's marriage. He's also the father of the Phoenix Empire's reigning emperor. It's natural that invitations were sent to the neighbouring countries. However, I have some worries that some people in the surrounding countries will take the opportunity to make trouble."

    He pondered a bit, and said, "You can imagine, our Phoenix Empire was only established recently. Although the Feng guards' power is not weaker than theirs, its foundation was unstable. If they want to make trouble, I'm afraid that they would spoil the old man's happy event. If an accident were to happen, I'm afraid that it would put him in a tight spot, and..."

    His voice faltered. "We can not always rely on Mo Han to support us. After all, we are a country, the person in charge of the country. If we rely on outsiders for everything, we will be looked down upon by others. Moreover, Mo Han can not always protect us. Therefore, this invitation is a double dilemma."

    When she heard this, she shifted her gaze and her lips curved up. "That's all right, please send the invitations! It's one thing for them to attend Grandfather's wedding banquet calmly and quietly. If they really make trouble at the banquet, we can teach them a lesson that we are not an easy target to offend. Otherwise, even if it's over, there will be trouble in the future. In this case, it's better to settle this at once."

    "Little Jiu, you have to think clearly. If you really decide to do this, then it will not be the country's rulers who will face this dilemma, but the princes and princesses. I can not step in personally to settle the problem. You're the one to deal with it. Have you seriously thought it out? Do you have confidence?"

    "Don't worry, Father!" She smiled, "I have to go back, too. Father has to arrange the betrothal gifts, the wedding as well as the invitations. While Grandfather cultivates in seclusion, I have to concoct the medicine quickly. I don't think I will go out very much during this period of time."

    "You're occupied with refining elixirs. What about Mo Han? Is he in the palace or at the Feng estate?"

    "He is at the estate. He said recently that he had nothing to do so he can stay here for some time. I guess after grandfather's wedding is over, he will return home." She waved her hand and spoke, "I have to leave first. I have something to take care of with Leng Hua."

    Seeing her leaving the great hall, Feng Xiao shook his head helplessly. He also wanted to ask her and Mo Han about their status. Yet, the girl escaped like a wisp of smoke.

    Ai! Forget it, the child had grown up and had her own way of thinking and ideas. As a father, he should manage less and leave it to them!

    After leaving the great hall, Feng Jiu did not go to the palace. Instead, after talking to the Feng guards for a while, she told Leng Hua to stay in the palace. She returned to the Feng residence with Leng Shuang since she planned to refine the elixirs there. Moreover, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was still waiting for her at the estate.

    However, before she left the palace door, she saw a figure in black appeared in front of her, staring at her fixedly. It was Xuanyuan Mo Ze, and behind him were Gray Wolf and Shadow One. Only at this time, Gray Wolf and Shadow One had an imposing look.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Seeing this, she looked at him standing in front of her and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Didn't he wait for her at the Feng estate? Why did he come here? Could it be that something happened?
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