358 Little Friend, Help!

    "Who...Who is that?"

    The four Golden Core expert looked on in a daze when they saw a thin figure suddenly stood up and swept forward. The next thing he did was to pull up a dirty youth who was seated only five to six meters away from where they were. With one hand covering his nose and mouth, he pulled him up and rushed towards the boundary barrier. When they saw this, their eyes almost dropped out.

    They, who had the cultivation level of the Golden Core stage, had been suppressed the moment they entered this array. They were drained of their energy and couldn't even stand up, yet what was up with that scrawny figure? Other than the array and boundary barrier, there was still the existence of that red clothed lady ghost with her scary ability to control one's heart, if one wasn't a Golden Core cultivator, one wouldn't be able to withstand it.

    Bu.. but... everything that just unfolded before them went against everything they knew. Their minds went blank and just looked on in stupor.

    Once the stench had been cut off, Luo Yu snapped back to reality and when he saw the horrifying environment he couldn't help but scream out in terror: "Waaaah! Wha...what kind of hellish place is this? Ah! What kind of...ghost !! Ahhhh!!"

    "A ghost that eats humans! What are you waiting for? Quick, escape!"

    Feng Jiu said it bluntly and held onto his collar and pulled him towards the edge of the boundary barrier.

    It was at this moment that the withered old man had finally regained his senses and saw that those two were close to escaping from the boundary barrier. With a wave of his hands, blood started to rise from the ground and flow along the lines of the array.

    It was at this moment when Feng Jiu who held on firmly to Luo Yu's collar had rushed forward but before they could reach the blood curtain, they were sent flying back.



    A loud bang resounded out and the two who were bounced back landed on their bums and before they could stand up, a pair of skeleton hands popped out from beneath the ground and grabbed each of their legs and pulled them towards the ground.

    "Let go of me!"

    Luo Yu shouted out in frustration as he kicked at the bones but who knew that it had an iron grip and no matter how hard he kicked, there was no signs of damage. Instead, the strength increased and pulled him towards the ground and tried to drag him under. Both of his feet were pulled in deep and as he started to get a little scared, he cast a hopeful glance at his Mistress but instead, he was stunned by her course of actions.

    He only saw her stare at that pair of skeleton hands that was gripping tightly onto her legs in disgust and used her bare hands to crush those bones to smithereens. She stood up after kicking away the debris and in and she spat out in irritation: "Tch! These damn ghost things are so damn dirty!"

    Luo Yu stared at her dumbfoundedly; at times she was so wickedly alluring, at times she was so elegant and refined, yet at times she was so pure. His Mistress had so many sides to her and sometimes she was like a willy fox, now she even cursed and swore!

    He finally regained his senses and saw that his hands were also caught, in a fluster, he quickly screamed out: "Mistress, help!"

    Feng Jiu turned her head around to look and saw that he was still seated on the ground and his hand was caught by the skeleton hands. She immediately flicked her fingers and he only heard a few bangs and the bones blasted into several pieces and scattered all over the ground.


    She grabbed his collar with one hand and pulled him up and without ado, her gaze rested on the barrier before her as she intended to break through it.

    And when those four Golden Core cultivators saw that she had flicked her fingers a few times and the bones had shattered, they regained a ray of hope as a glint flashed in their eyes. When they saw that she had intended to drag that scraggly youth and leave, they quickly shouted out: "Little Friend, help!"

    Hearing the cry of help from behind, Feng Jiu pursed her lips and without even turning to look back, she said: "Four Golden Core experts are asking me for help? Please stop with the jokes!"
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