359 Blue Edge

    For her to escape with Luo Yu would already be a considerable feat, yet, what did they say? They wanted her to save them as well? If they did that, the two of them may even die here? Risking their own lives to save the lives of a few Golden Core cultivators who have absolutely no relationship with them? Sorry, she's not so kind.

    "Since you've come, stay then!"

    That withered old man laughed sinisterly and as soon as he spoke, the blood red robed female ghost who was behind him let started murmuring in a low voice.

    "Come...come...stay here...stay here..."

    That blood red robe floated up in mid air and with a swoosh, it swept towards Feng Jiu and Luo Yu. The voice was very faint, yet it was very magnetic and strange, doused with coldness.

    Feng Jiu noticed that Luo Yu who had pulled up by her started to be distracted by that voice . At his moment, she smacked the back of his head and yelled: "What are you spacing out for? If you want to continue to be in a daze, then you can just stay here and accompany her!"


    After being awoken by the sudden pain, Luo Yu snapped to his senses and found that he had almost lost his self again, he was truly afraid and said: "Mistress, its because this ghost is too powerful, I had no choice but to listen to her voice!"

    He didn't want to, but somehow once he heard the voice, he was completely entranced and his mind became very confused. He had lost all control over his own mind.

    "Well, that's because that ghost has a little bit of cultivation, so its strength is equivalent to that of an Immortal Cultivator of the foundation stage. Of course that's not something that you can contend against with your current level."

    She said it out without scruples as she tossed him a bottle, she said: "Use this medicine, bring it close to your nose and inhale deeply. After breathing it in, it would stimulate the brain and you won't be so easily controlled."

    As soon as she finished her explanation, she let go of him and raised her hand. A chilling blue light flashed and Blue Edge appeared in her hands. Under her skillful manipulation of the sword, she ferociously swept it towards that blood red robed ghost.

    Luo Yu quickly brought that bottle up to his nose and felt that the smell was unbearable. However, he had to admit that after sniffing in a little, he felt his entire person was invigorated. He quickly thought of an idea as he immediately ripped off a piece of cloth and poured the medicine over it. He then tied it under his nose and after he kept the bottle away, he brought out his long sword as he tried to hack open the barrier.

    "Blue Edge Sword!"

    The four Golden Core cultivators had immediately recognized the sword in her hands and were extremely shocked. They would never expect to see this long lost ancient sword in such a forsaken place. What's more, a youth that looked to be about fifteen to sixteen was wielding it.

    "Ke ke ke ke ke....What an unexpected harvest....To let this old man here see the long lost ancient Blue Edge Sword here, the heavens are really helping me! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

    That withered old man who was seated was bellowing with laughter, and there were waves that were imbued with aura that could be seen with the naked eye as the distortion in the air waves rippled outwards. He looked at the sky as his gaze deepened as it glistened with delight as excitement began to build up.

    As soon as midnight struck, it would be the time for him to reap his harvests!

    Luo Yu was bounced back after he attacked the barrier. It was as if he had hit something invisible before it could touch the barrier. He gritted his teeth and could only join the battle between Feng Jiu and the ghost. While he attacked, he asked her anxiously: "Mistress, what should I do? I can't even touch the barrier!"

    "That's been set up by a Golden Core cultivator, you would be dreaming if you could break through it."

    She said it in a cold voice as she narrowed her eyes and stared at the female ghost. She slit her finger at the edge of the sword and a drop of fresh blood touched the sword and blood red sword intent burst forth....
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