360 Tyrannical aura of a conqueror!

    The ferociousl Qi of the sword seemed to whizz loudly in that instant and the oppressive aura of the Ancient Divine Beast in her body was released together with the terrifying Qi of the sword. The powerful oppressive aura of the Ancients was accompanied by the innate tyrannical aura of a conqueror she had been born with and the air immediately swirled and surged, becoming completely different in one single instant.

    It even suppressed the pressure from that the withered old man's laughter, one that was released by a peak Golden Core cultivator! It was this very dominant and oppressive aura that made all the skeleton hands that were sticking out from under the ground immediately shrink back in fear.

    "This...this is the ancient oppressive aura and tyrannical aura of a conqueror!"

    The four Golden Core experts looked incredulously at that small figure, as they tried to suppress the shock that had emerged from their hearts.

    Ancient oppressive aura! Tyrannical aura of a conqueror!

    What was the origin of this little kid? To have the ancient oppressive aura that comes from the establishing a contract with an ancient sacred beast! Such a contract shared their lives and their oppressive aura!

    This little kid should have a contract with an ancient beast!

    As for the tyrannical aura of the conqueror, it was simply something that would only appear in legends.It was something that was innate and was from one's marrows and not something that could be cultivated. In the entire continent, only the few who stood at the top had such an imposing aura. However, never would they have expected to meet one who possessed this in the Nine Entrapment Woods. Not to mention, it wasn't only one, it was both the ancient oppressive aura and the tyrannical aura of a conqueror!

    Foa a moment, the entire surroundings was filled with the anguish shrieks and wails from the ghosts and undead. These were brought forth from these two auras that these ghosts and undead could not withstand. The sharp screeches made one's eardrums hurt.

    "Stand back! All you need to do is to protect yourself!"

    Feng Jiu ordered coldly as her figure swept by and pounced towards that female ghost that was screeching out shrilly.

    Her speed was extremely fast, like a flash of lightning, even those few Golden Core experts could not catch her figure and only knew that the dazzling light of the Blue Edge Sword slashed and blitzed by that female ghost.

    Her actions were so fast that the female ghost who had the strength of a foundation cultivator had no chance to scream when her body was split into two. It immediately turned into a green flame and it devoured that blood red body and seemingly merged with the surrounding green flames and disappeared.

    "You actually dare to kill my ghost slave! I want to kill you! Die! Die! Die!"

    That withered old man was enraged as he bellowed out with a powerful pressure, as each of the word word 'die' materialized as they became amplified by spirit qi and and pressed against her.

    Initially, when he had discovered her ancient oppressive pressure as well as the tyrannical aura of the conqueror, things became sticky for awhile but he did not expect that in such a short moment that he was distracted, he witnessed with his own eyes that his ghost slave that he had so painstakingly raised to such a level was split into two halves and dissipated.


    Luo Yu who was only at the level of the Martial Lord, could not withstand such heavy pressure and killing intent. He only felt he blood in his body flow madly in a frenzy as blood rushed up his throat. He wanted to suppress it but he couldn't and spat out a huge mouthful of blood.


    Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes when she saw that Luo Yu could not even stand properly under the pressure and with a swing of her sword, Blue Edge released a ray of sword intent and shot towards those materialized words!
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