361 Quick, escape!


    "Bam Bam Bam!"

    Once the sword intent was shot out, it broke through those three materialized words immediately. The instant she saw that those words had been broken and the airflow in the surroundings had been scattered, she immediately imbued Blue Edge with almost all of her spirit qi and struck out another blow of sword intent at the withered old man.


    She said in a cold and low voice as she dragged the pale Luo Yu with one hand towards the boundary barrier which was only five to six metres away from them. Her cold gaze stared at the blood barrier as she moved swiftly towards it.

    Those four Golden Core Experts who were too weak to even stand had already been shocked silly by her battle prowess. Seeing that she was now rushing towards the barrier, it was as if she had the confidence to break through it.

    They were just about to warn her that this was set up by that old demon who was at the peak of the Golden Core and it was supported by the blood array which used fresh blood as its defense. With her current strength, it wouldn't be easy for her to break through it. It would be better for her to rescue them first and they would give it their all and fight for their lives against that old demon.

    But who knew, she simply rushed up to the front and imbued the Blue Edge Sword with a pure spiritual qi and next, they saw a scarlet red flame following it and it wrapped around the sword like a fire dragon.

    "Break for me!"

    She raised her hand and the Blue Edge in her hand released a powerful sword intent with a blazing flame and shot towards the barrier.

    When they saw this scene, the four Golden Core Experts eyes widened in disbelief as they sucked in a breath of cold air. They saw that the flames started to burn the blood on the barrier brilliantly as the sound of cracking could be heard.


    The moment that sound came out, the barrier which was surging with a strong aura was rapidly being burned by the flames at a speed visible to the naked eye, as it started crumbling into pieces. It was like a piece of ice that had been broken and the web of cracks started to spread. Until a loud bang resounded and the spiritual qi that was condensed within the boundary barrier immediately shattered.

    "It...it really broke..."

    The four Golden Core Experts just stared at the scene in a daze, completely forgetting their own predicament and where they were. Instead, they were shocked by the incredible scene in front of them and it took them a long while before they came back to their senses....

    The withered old man seemed unable to leave his position as he sat there in stupor. He saw his boundary barrier shatter and the bloody smell as well as all the life energies that he had collected started to disperse. All his painstaking efforts had all been ruined in the hands of a kid who appeared out from nowhere! His eyes were filled with murderous intent as his rage shot to the heavens!


    A scream filled with a strong resentment and killing intent reverberated through the skies and it contained a strong pressure and formed waves of murderous pressure. The waves began to ripple outwards and the ground began to shake violently. The surrounding slopes started to crumble.

    "You destroyed all my painstaking efforts! You broke my advancement! I want you to die horribly!"

    The withered old man sat cross-legged and roared towards the sky while his hands started to weave out strange hand signs. The murderous and bloodthirsty resounded into the night.

    "Blood Soul Array! Activate!"

    Feng Jiu who was escaping with Luo Yu suddenly felt a huge crisis from behind. She quickly looked back and her eyes shrank. She immediately injected spiritual qi into her palm and pushed Luo Yu forward and out of the barrier, almost a hundred metres away.

    "Quick, escape!"
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