362 Why dont we join forces?

    Luo Yu only felt that his entire person flew out uncontrollably, as if there was a force pushing him from behind. After being pushed nearly hundred meters away, the pressure that made it difficult for him to even breath also dissipated, and he felt that he had regained back all his strength.


    He looked back and shouted, only to see a complex blood coloured array on where she stood. The fine blood red lines oozed up from the ground and it seemed that the lines had been formed by blood. This large blood array exuded a strong stench of blood and death, and seeing it made his heart tremble involuntarily.

    Although he had been a Feng Guard for so long, it was the first time to encounter such a horrible and shocking scene...

    He should leave right away, but he saw that his Mistress was still there. Without any further thoughts, he wanted to run back but her voice rang out fiercely.

    "Go to the place I said! Execute the order!"

    Feng Jiu shouted out, her voice was filled with an awe inspiring pressure and it made him stop in his tracks.


    His eyes were red, as he struggled with his emotions, he felt absolutely horrible in his heart. If not for him, his Mistress wouldn't fall into such a predicament. If not for him, his Mistress could have escaped...if not....

    Reason told him to immediately listen to her command and leave quickly because he was simply too weak. He could not withstand the pressure from a Golden Core experts and if he stayed behind to help her, he would only drag her down. He had no choice but to leave with a heavy heart.

    That was his Mistress! It was his Mistress who risked her very own life to save him! How could he leave just like this?

    "Quickly leave!"

    Feng Jiu shouted and no longer had any spare time to pay any more attention to him. She retracted her gaze and looked down at the blood array at her feet. The array had a complex pattern with intricate lines of flowing blood. She had no idea where the fresh blood came from but the aura of death was too heavy and it would give anyone the creeps.

    After Feng Jiu had shouted at him, Luo Yu gritted his teeth and turned to leave...

    "Little Fire, I can't move my feet at all, do you know how to break this array?"

    She asked the little Fire Phoenix that was in her space through her mind and her gaze rested onto the withered old man that was seated in the middle. "I've never seen that old geezer move away from his position, could it be that... he can't move away?"

    "This Blood Soul Array is an evil array and it is made out of human blood. That position which that old thing is seated at should be where the location to break the array is at. Moreover, the exact place where he is seated at should be the eye of the array. That's where the blood qi is the richest and he should be trying to change his fate. If it weren't for you destroying his plans, when midnight strikes, there wouldn't be anyone alive at all."

    Little Fire Phoenix's voice that was solemn had a hint of awe and dignity to it. After a slight pause, he continued on: "You'd better be careful, as long as you do not step on these blood lines of the array, you will not be trapped. However, that old thing is determined to kill you, I think that it's best to join forces with those four Golden Core experts to fight back and get rid of him once and for all!"

    When she heard this, she also felt that this was the only way left, that was why, her gaze fell onto the four Golden Core experts.

    Those four Golden Core experts saw that her gaze had fallen upon them and their eyes lit up immediately. They started to shout at her: "Little Friend! It is impossible to kill him with just you alone, but if you add us into the equation, the situation will change. Little Friend, how about joining forces and fight against a common enemy?"
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